April 28, 2012

Brushing my teeth a few minutes ago could’ve been annoying because there wasn’t much toothpaste left in the tube. Instead, I enjoyed dealing with the situation by taking out my…tube wringer. And, YouTube.

I need to get better at this video stuff because it’s such a great way to communicate. Making videos is also fun. I need to do more of them. The potential for self-expression via this medium is exciting. So expect more from me soon!

In some ways, the ability to present information as a talking visual story is even more intimate than blogging. But by embedding the video in this post, I’m getting the best of both worlds. :)

If you think I did a decent job, then you might want to visit the Apple Store One-to-One trainers to enhance your skills too. Those folks there taught me so much about tech! Here’s a link to my blog post about how to use One-to-One.

Now that my teeth are brushed, it’s time to get into bed, pull the covers over my head and get some sleep. xoxox