June 28, 2017

Somehow, my daughter and I pulled together a last-minute cross-country road trip, from New York to Los Angeles. Coast-to-coast. It was time to get outta the house!

Time to get outta the house

I’m grateful that the drive went well — it’s just one of many gratitudes on my list right now.

As you know, I’m big on being thankful. In fact, I find that daily gratitude makes every day worth living.

It’s not about saying “thank you” because I was raised to be a nice girl. Forget about that! More and more, it’s about feeling grateful for things that matter to me deeply  — even the small things.

Because in the end, there’s no such thing as a small thing.

For starters, I’m so thankful for the purpose behind this mother-daughter road trip. Baby Girl landed a summer job in Los Angeles — and, I’m grateful she has work.

The specifics were pinned down very last minute. In the space of two days, we decided to drive to L.A. so that she could have our old car for getting around. (I’m flying back home.)

We got here safely. She found a place to live. I’m renting a room in an adorable Airbnb. We’re catching up with old friends and making new ones.

I’m finding quiet time to look around and be curious, breathe easy, eat, laugh and write. Wow, it really was time to get outta the house!

And, I’m grateful. Getting outside of my comfort zone always energizes me. In this case, letting go of the need to control allowed the trip to evolve at its own crazy, interesting pace.

So…what to-do list can you let go of today? In what ways can you embrace the moment? Would it be fun to break free of your routine — and see yourself with fresh eyes? Maybe it’s time to get outta the house. :)

Feel free to use the comments section as a space to think out loud and clear your head. And have a lovely day! xo