June 7, 2015

So I had my first full day of painting in Giverny. It was an experiment in letting go. No judgement, no fear, no pressure. At least, that was the goal…

The weather and scenery were both absolutely gorgeous today. The colors are magic. Plus, the sun shines this time of year from six in the morning until nearly 10 at night.

Being here, it’s easy to see why this is the home of the Impressionists. I am thrilled to be soaking in the same fabulous light that dazzled Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh — two of my favorite painters.

We don’t go to Monet’s garden until tomorrow and I was not the least bit disappointed. Instead, we hung out in a garden on Rue Claude Monet which was filled with beautiful plantings and flowers:



The vistas had me both inspired and intimidated. Really? I’m supposed to eyeball the view and somehow capture it on paper? Well, it didn’t happen for me today:


Bleh! Oh, wait — I’m not supposed to act judgmental. Well clearly, I need to get more zen about embracing my process.

I also got nervous today because Rue Claude Monet attracts tons of tourists. By mid-afternoon, everyone wanted to see what I was creating on my easel. The more the hordes hovered, the more nervous I got.

Painters who are used to working in public spaces just ignore the gawkers. But I freaked out!

Well, it was an experience…

If painting is supposed to be a meditation, then today was a chance to do some warm-up stretches. It was a chance to break free of thinking and over-thinking.

I’ve got a ways to go but the good news is that tomorrow, I get to practice some more. :)