It all started with my childhood–and to be honest, what doesn’t start with childhood?  I am a child of immigrants. I am also a child of divorce. Those are both complex areas to navigate, especially when the key word in both phrases is child. I had to grow up very quickly, so some things were lost along the way. How to care for myself was one of them.

I have a track record for helping those in my life meet their goals but I struggled with seeing mine through. Enter Betty. I felt a connection because I felt understood by her. I also felt challenged because Betty was going to hold me accountable to my dreams.

At first, I thought the connection was fostered by what we had in common (children of immigrants, we’re both single moms) but I learned so much about myself in the things we didn’t have in common (our age difference, our cultural backgrounds, etc).

Recently, a friend told me I was “crushing it” and living out my childhood dreams. I am more committed to giving the little girl within me all the love she deserves without having to people-please or deny myself of it. I turned 40 this year and am loving it! I wish I had all these tools years ago but I am so glad to have them now. Thank you, Betty, and Inner Child University!

~ Skye, journalist and educator

My session with Betty occurred shortly after my mother’s passing. I was mourning her loss and feeling ambivalent toward shifting family dynamics. The session with Betty was invaluable. Through her thoughtful questions and guidance, I was able to rekindle the deep sense of safety and security I felt as a child through memories of my mother’s consistent and nurturing love.

There was so much I had forgotten and life had chipped away at the relationship. The session with Betty helped me to remember, acknowledge, and relish my mother’s life-long love. Subsequently, I was able to process these feelings and move forward confidently with some family decisions.

The time with Betty was both comforting and healing.

~ Judy, retired teacher

I have been working with Betty on a weekly basis. Her coaching has been very valuable to me. As we talk through the issues of my days and weeks, Betty frames, and re-frames them for me, and gives me insights that allow me to consider things in fresh, new contexts.

Her insights have helped me in my personal life and my working life. There is a more practical, “stick-to- the-basics” emphasis in my work with Betty that is different from my work with psychologically-trained therapists. This seems to make it more efficient.

~ Lee, artist

As an artist and kids book designer, I thought I knew my inner child well enough. But Betty helped me actually speak to that child as I would hope I or anyone would speak to any child: with acceptance and compassion. She facilitated a new way of framing who I thought I was as a child, helping me see my judgmental tendencies with an immediate and expansive clarity.

This one session with Betty gave me insight I could harness right away in my adult life, and I am so grateful. I highly recommend Betty to anyone seeking ways to find light and joy in who they are, and who they are growing to be, at any age.

~ Karen Viola

I have been able to practice how to calm myself and nurture that baby in me. I continue to practice the exercise of trying to find out what that little boy in me is yearning for when I am in distress. I also practice re-framing. When I am in a situation, I stop to think how I can reframe myself to handle the situation at hand.

I also do a lot of breathing exercises and I love this one: I try and look forward to where I want to be at the end of the week, shaping my week with positive thoughts and looking forward to accomplishing what I have set, as far as my goal for the week. Betty has helped me tremendously during the past year, throughout the pandemic.

~ Luis, essential worker

Coaching with Betty helped me to get comfortable in my own skin. It’s been a long journey for me – from being the son of a poor single mom to managing the multimillion dollar investment portfolios for my clients. At first, it was awkward to sit still on zoom and talk about my childhood.

Then, I started connecting the dots. I’ve had anxiety for years and that makes sense now. I was raised in a home where we constantly worried about money. The fear was terrifying. But coaching was a chance to update the stories that I tell myself so that I can do more than look like a success from the outside.

I am constantly using a technique of Betty’s called reframing to stop old behaviors and look at a situation through a different lens.  Now, I feel good about being me. I have new tools for getting out of fight-or-flight mode. There’s quality space in my head to enjoy life with my wife and kids. Work is still high pressure, but I’m doing better than ever.

~ Happy executive dad