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Why I’m unplugging for a whole month — yikes!

August 22, 2013

Time to tame my laptop and iPhone…I’ve decided to unplug for the next four weeks. What a scary thought: no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the constant checking of email. In […]

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I just quit my job in a bad economy. Yes, really.

May 6, 2013

After 16 months of full-time journalism, I am now officially unemployed. Never ever before have I quit a job without lining up a new gig. And so begins the next […]

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The best advice I’ve ever given my students

March 25, 2013

I’m about to share with you my secret for teaching students how to write. Once they get this lesson into their heads, tangled sentences straighten out. Wordiness disappears. Blathering becomes […]

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Why I’m unplugging for the next two weeks

December 24, 2012

Who needs Santa? I am here to deliver a huge gift to myself — and you. From now through Jan. 7th, I am shutting down my social media and pretty […]

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Checklist: Write better using journalism tricks

December 6, 2012

After years of teaching journalism and writing my own stories, I’ve come up with some tried-and-true tactics for wrangling words. What follows are some of my favorite practices. Take them […]

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Rule of 3 can help your writing

June 12, 2012

The earth pulses in three-beat rhythms. That’s why it helps to organize our writing around groups of three. When I tell my students this — especially the know-it-all adult writers […]

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How to write tight

April 17, 2012

Being super-concise way is super-hard. In fact, it’s easier to blather on at length than to make a brief, laser-sharp statement. This ability to write tight is a basic journalistic […]

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