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Visiting India: my 3-week trip in 39 photos

September 15, 2010

Well hello again, finally! At last, I’m posting about India… During my time in the world’s second largest country, I ate, played and shopped. I also learned to cook south […]

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Visiting India: monkeys & waterfalls at Hogenakkal

August 17, 2010

For a delightful — and somewhat disturbing — view of India’s relationship to nature, check out Hogenakkal Falls. This major tourist attraction is far more interesting than America’s Niagra Falls. […]

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L.A. is fun to visit – even on a budget

July 15, 2010

Just got back from a week in L.A. Haven't been there in years, not since I was a wife of an executive traveling on expense account. But I'm happy to report that this city can still be fun on a budget!

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Taking pictures in my gorgeous garden

June 6, 2010

I'm getting acquainted with both my new Canon PowerShot camera and my pretty backyard. Being an indoors-y kind of girl, it's kind of nice to see what's actually going on in suburban nature. :)

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