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Oct. 1, 2020 — We’ve all had tough childhood experiences. We might think that they happened a long time ago. But in reality, the past lives on as triggers that interfere with our adult lives.

What we suffered as little people continues to impact us in every situation we face today. The other side of childhood is also true: What made us laugh as kids can still make us smile today.

That inner child is real.

If you need coaching for triggers

When you “overreact” during a situation at work or in your personal life, it’s  probably because your inner child is freaking out. Something triggered you, reminding you of a childhood trauma.

At the same time, when you’re feeling vulnerable, playful and hopeful, there’s a childlike quality to your best moments of joy.

As your inner child coach, my goal is to help you see the triggers and then, transform them. Turn them into ways to create a more satisfying life.

We’ll also look at what your sunny childhood experiences, and find ways to reclaim their power today.


Let’s coach on Zoom

Clients meet with me in private sessions and small groups. They come from all over the world. We meet by videoconference, with most of them preferring Zoom.

During our one-hour sessions, they talk. As an active listener, I’ll respond to what they’ve shared and ask questions. This coaching format opens up space for clients to make remarkable discoveries.

Sometimes, clients come with topics or issues they are ready to explore. Other times, they know they need something but aren’t sure what — which is also an effective way to meet. Almost everyone has some form of anxiety or trauma.

Inner child coaching helps clients to trust their deepest longings for unconditional love, emotional and physical safety — and, opportunities to play. This is the path to self-discovery and work/life balance.


Be a journalARTist™!

In 2013, I trademarked “journalARTist” because it describes what clients and students experience in working with me:

  • Some of them like to journal. They keep private notes on what’s happening in their lives. To keep track of who they are, they might even journal daily in notebooks or dairies.
  • Some of them are journalists. They want to speak the truth about the world around them. They want to bear witness and communicate to as many people as possible.

Whether clients and students are into journaling or journalism, they have a desire to write and express themselves. But they stop short of seeking or talking about joy. This is when they learn to be journalARTists™.

As journalARTists™, my students and clients stop judging themselves so that they can can play. That means trying out new ideas or activities, free from worries about being not-good-enough.

Learning to play means being in the moment without obsessing about doing things “badly” or being “Wrong.” Just. Do. It. Once these journalARTists™  free themselves to make art, playing allows them to see through fresh eyes.

JournalARTists™ with fresh perspectives — they’re on the path to truth, change and transformation.


When you need coaching…

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