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These days, coaches are everywhere. It’s a 21st century approach to finding answers and new possibilities for our lives. But as far as I know, I’m the only inner child coach. I’m also the founder of the Inner Child Institute.

Childhood development experts agree that what we experienced from years zero (birth) to five are our most critical years of growth. As we coach, you’ll discover that what you saw, felt and learned in your early years has tremendous influence on your daily decision-making and choices.

Up until now, the inner child has been a concept tied to survivors of terrible traumas such as wars, sexual abuse and other horrors. My mission is different.

I humbly offer the following thought for your consideration: Most humans suffer from what I call “ordinary” trauma. We are the dysfunctionally functional. Our issues show in choices we make that hurt us, especially when we know better. A lot of our patterns formed in our early years.

I also believe that once the child within us finds unconditional love and safety — an environment that we explore through coaching — watch your relationships and work choices change! Most importantly, you’ll transform your intrapersonal communication, which is the conversation that goes on in your head.

Coaching your inner child is different from therapy. I am not licensed to be your shrink and analyze the past. I’m here to work folks who consider themselves “normal” but seek that certain something missing from their lives.

We’ll only visit the past for perspective. Then, we’re back in real time, working on your goals and problems you want to solve.

Your original self still breathes somewhere within you. Once you connect to that inner child and coach your way to the life you want, you’ll discover that you’re truly and beautifully original.

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