Need coaching?

My purpose is to help you realize your power.

In our coaching sessions, you’ll discover your many options. They exist even in the most difficult, desperate situations. It’s just that sometimes, stress blocks us from seeing what’s there.

We lose ourselves when 21st century living pulls us in too many directions. We end up juggling competing demands on our time, talents and resources.

But in coaching, you can discover what you really want — and how to get it. The solutions and answers might surprise and possibly delight you.

As for making appointments, my office comes to you. I am available by phone, Skype and videoconferencing.

My coach approach covers a few core beliefs:

  • I’m certified for coaching diverse communities.
  • Storytelling — talking about yourself — is transformative.
  • The talking helps you see yourself through fresh eyes.
  • You’ll sort through what was, what’s new, what’s now.™
  • You’re going to relish our sessions, even when the work is hard.
  • You’ll realize that you already have everything you need. :)

Interested? If so, use the form below to contact me.

Storytelling can change our lives

I am also available for in-person speaking engagements and to run workshops.


My coaching practice is built on more than 15 years of teaching kids, teens, college students and adults. For details, check out my LinkedIn profile.

Looking forward to connecting with you!



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