February 14, 2017

Are you in love today — and every day? It can happen. That’s why this year, I’ve set aside my usually hating against hearts, roses and candlelight dinners. Every Feb. 14, I used to rant, even when I was in a decent relationship. But this year, I’m celebrating a new, different kind of romance. Finally, this girl is single and satisfied on Valentine’s Day.

At last, I’m really figuring out how to love myself. I am the beginning, the middle, the end, the solution to my own forever.

Happy Valentine's Day

Who am I, really?

After 60 years of wandering this earth, I’m filling my love basket with more and more descriptive words. They range from shiny jewels to humble, crusty stones. I keep all of them because they remind me of who I am.

Daughter, mother. Teacher, student. Journalist, editor. Tenant, home owner.

Asian American, Chinese American, Chinese. Asian. American.

Wife, ex-wife. Girlfriend, ex-gf. Partner, ex-partner. Single.

Blogger. Writer. Painter. Doodler. Food lover.





I storytelling

Sharing my story helps me to figure out my personal truth. The stories can be few words or many. They can be about seemingly-insignificant moments or global issues. I have to come back to some topics over and over, peeling through layers of denial to uncover the essence.

Of course, I worry about what I say. Will you laugh or roll your eyes? Will I bore you? To work through these destructive thoughts, I’ve learned to inhale, exhale and then, plunge ahead into free-falling vulnerability.

No more comparing or competing with others. Forget about people-pleasing, too. Instead, I do for me.

Complaining about how others do or don’t love me wastes my precious time. Ultimately, I can’t control how others react.  People can’t be forced to love.

I being single and satisfied

These days, I’m much too busy falling — and staying — in love with myself.

Self-love is the secret. I’m here to express myself for my own satisfaction. Single and satisfied, right?

True love starts with me, loving myself, romancing myself (even when I’m not dating).

So, Happy Valentine’s Day. Know that you are lovable. Give yourself the love. xo

Share one thing now

Here’s the chance to practice being in love with yourself, whether you’re single or in a relationship. Pick one thing you lve about yourself. Describe it in one word or one simple sentence. If you feel like going on at length, go for it. But start with either one word or one short sentence.  :)