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I believe you’re already complete. The question is, how do you get to the real, authentic, beautiful you? Answer: My specialty is coaching childhood trauma and triggers. Let’s get to the root of what’s bothering you – and reframe what you see.

My coach approach helps you find physical and emotional safety, unconditional love and play. Play is the opposite of wasting time. It’s the key to your purpose, creativity and success in work and relationships.

As you think out loud, I’ll listen carefully and ask key questions. My coaching vision is enriched by so many experiences. Journalist. Professor. Student of Daoist healing arts. Divorced, single mom who was in an interracial marriage. American-born child of Chinese immigrant parents.

What took me decades to process and learn can be yours. Now. Right now. Read more about me and my coaching.


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Your path to happiness

Once you connect to the kid within you, everything changes. Here’s what happened for some of the folks I’ve worked with.

Makes key decisions after grieving her mom’s death

~Judy, retired teacher

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“Crushing it” as she lives out her childhood dreams

~ Skye, journalist and educator

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Gets to daily joy by calming himself in stressful situations

~ Luis, essential worker

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Reframes how she views herself, leading to new success

~ Lee, artist

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Discovers how to feel safe and loved enough to play

~ Me! Betty, your holistic life & career coach

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Transforms childhood money trauma and celebrates life

~ Happy executive dad

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Coach with Betty Ming Liu: Workshops and free webinars

September 14, 2021

Dear Readers, For 10 years, starting in 2008, I blogged nearly every week. I kept at it because writing to you transformed my life. You showed up and let me […]

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What my inner child wants: Let me out!

April 15, 2018

Eighteen months ago, I wrote a letter to my inner child. Come into my life more, I said. Well, she took up the invitation. Now, she wants to take over. She […]

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Year of the Dog with my pit bull

Celebrating Year Of The Dog with my pit bull

February 16, 2018

Back in November, I adopted a needy, three-year-old pittie from a rescue group. Poor thing had terrible skin allergies. He thought that going for a walk meant lunging and barking […]

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