December 31, 2013

As a single working mom on a budget, I’m not usually big on spending even a few bucks on greeting cards that recipients look at for two seconds and then throw away. Recently, though, I saw a card that screamed to me. Clearly, this was a message from the cosmos.

It turns out that the quote on the card is a popular self-help-type saying that appears on an endless array of knick knack-y items, like mugs and refrigerator magnets.

A bit kitschy, maybe, but I happen to be very fond of kitsch. Besides, good advice is good advice, no matter where it comes from. :)

To make this one worth the purchase, I wrote something inside it and gave it to my daughter. An investment in both of our futures. After all, nothing — I repeat, nothing — has challenged my comfort zone like parenting, haha!

Seriously, though, being a mom is one of the most important privileges in my life. Long ago, a wise woman told me that if I became the kind of mother who paid attention, someday, if I was lucky, my daughter would become my teacher.

Fortunately, that has indeed been the case. I’m especially appreciative when my child calls me out for tiger mom crap that imposes completely arbitrary and unnecessary rules that dampen happy moments for each/both of us. (For more, check out my earlier post: Don’t be a perfectionist — 5 steps to recovery.)

With that in mind, I see this greeting card as a call to action. If I make it my mantra, it will surely transform the year ahead. There will be opportunities to apply greater openness to other relationships as well, and also to new projects.

This is inspiration that encourages experimenting with unfamiliar emotions, risk-taking and dreaming big. Maybe it’ll help you too:

Greeting cara

The whole idea of finding my personal edge and living right there is very exciting. I’m thinking of it as a new horizon. No matter how scary, making changes will keep me fresh.

So…I hope 2014 brings you many wonderful surprises. Best wishes from me to you for solid health, personal peace, much love, opportunities for creativity and lots of laughter.

Happy New Year!  :)