Coaching is life changing


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The answers are inside of you. Coaching brings them to the surface. This is why coaching is life changing.

As a coach, I ask questions that bring clarity. I listen carefully. Sometimes, I make suggestions.

Our sessions create space for you to breathe and listen to your body. We get to the root of your issues by looking to the past. This means we often end up exploring your childhood. Once you understand what happened to you and what was truly important, you can move forward and unlock the future.

This process will change how you talk about yourself – and how you talk to yourself.

I mostly coach on Zoom. Coaching options:

  • Individual, 45-minute sessions
  • Group sessions and workshops
  • Writing coaching for college and post-grad application essays, law school, etc.
  • Writing coaching for executive and professional presentations
  • Executive coaching
  • I work with corporations, nonprofits, community groups, individuals


My coaching specialities 

Coaching is life changing when we discover our key words and issues. These are my words; the list keeps growing: Diversity, inclusion and equity. People of color. Asian American. Writing. Journalism. Communication. Parenting. Relationships. Immigration trauma. Diaspora. Childhood trauma. Art. Creativity. Personal essays. Career changes. Workplace management and executive leadership. Journalism. Health. Body image. Grieving. Anxiety. Alcoholism. Addiction and recovery. Education and faculty development. Teaching. Students (high school to grad school). Implicit bias. Anti-Asian hate. Black Lives Matter. Historic, generational racism. Microaggressions. Media. Gender equality. Public speaking. Childhood trauma. Culture. Multicultural. Mixed raced. Classic Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Confucianism. Chinese family and culture. Interracial marriage and relationships. Blasian. Cultural holistic health and wellness. Transformation. Perfectionism. First-generation college students. 1st-, 2nd-, 3rd- and 4th-generation Americans. Decolonizing American education. English as a second language, TESOL. ESL, ELL, English language learners. Non-profits. Online teaching (asynchronous, synchronous, in-person, hybrid).


Coaching training

My coaching is life changing because I’ve learned from the best.

  • International Coaching Federation certification since 2017.
  • CoachDiversity Institute (certified in 2017)
  • Intercultural/Multicultural & Diversity Studies for DEI Leaders (certified 2019)
    • Sponsored by SDS Global Enterprises
  • Additional training:
    • International Tai Chi Institute certification
      • Healing with Gems and Stones (certified in 2019)
      • Early Taoism and the Shamanistic Journey for Healing (certified 2018)
    • TESOL (Teaching English as a 2nd or Foreign Language, certified 2020)
  • University-based training:
    • safeTALK Suicide Alertness
    • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention
    • Green Zone Training (working with military veterans)
    • Active Shooter Training


Professional specialties

My coaching is life changing because I’ve had such rich career experiences.

  • I am a veteran, full-time NYC journalist (retired after 16 years)
    • Former New York Daily News columnist on diversity and the immigrant experience
    • Former full-time staff writer at six NYC metro-area newspapers
    • Also have TV, on-camera newsroom experience; I’ve done radio, too
  • I am a part-time assistant professor at three universities (current, for the past 17 years)
    • Teaching journalism at NYU since 2004
    • Teaching writing/creative writing at The New School since 2005
      • Online teaching since 2014
    • Teaching communication skills at Westchester Community College since 2013
    • Also creating and running faculty development workshops
  • I also have nonprofit experience
    • The Alliance for Positive Change (serving New Yorkers living with HIV/chronic illness)
      • 2020/2021 Weekly self-care coaching for staffers during pandemic
    • Asian American Journalists Association (1990-present)
      • Founding member of the New York chapter
    • Museum of Chinese in America
      • Former trustee for fundraising and new building project (1998-2007)
    • New York State Board of Acupuncture
      • Former board member for policy creation, ethics hearings (2002-2007)


Personal specialties

My coaching is life changing because I’ve been there and can relate.

  • Survivor of tough love childhood with my remarkable Asian immigrant parents
    • They were survivors of immigration trauma
    • My father self-medicated with alcohol and prescription drugs
    • I remember them today with respect, gratitude and love
    • I transformed my survivor trauma into a life based on unconditional love!
  • Single working mom
    • We were an interracial (Black/Asian) couple raising a mixed-raced daughter
    • Over the years, we created our own journey as people of color and divorced-parents-with-child
  • I paint and draw in my spare time. I live in the NYC suburbs with my old cat and rescue pit bull.  Our house has a beautiful garden. :)



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