November 22, 2011

Lately, so many people have been asking me for holistic health solutions that it’s time to give you a proper introduction to my Chinese medicine go-to guy, Jeffrey C. Yuen.

More than two decades ago, I met Jeffrey in Chinatown and started taking his classes. Today, he’s a great family friend who still constantly inspires me. Thanks to him, I have more natural, loving ways to care for my daughter, myself and even our pets. I’ve also shared much of what I’ve learned with friends and they’ve benefited too.   :)

When Jeffrey first introduced me to Classical Chinese medicine, I was riveted. His teachings went completely against the pill-popping conventional Western approach that I was raised with. Stick with him and you’ll learn stuff long before it gets trendy. Essential oil therapy? He was on it ages ago. In fact, he was talking sugar-free, gluten-free eating DECADES before these buzzwords became fashionable.

Today, Jeffrey is a leading expert on Classical Chinese medicine and acupuncture. A Taoist priest by calling, he has absolutely ZERO interest in being a celebrity healer and doesn’t take patients. Instead, his mission is to teaching. But you can still connect with Jeffrey in four ways…


Get started with Jeffrey Yuen

What to eat: If you like, you can get a list of Jeffrey’s philosophy on food. It outlines his dietary approach to life, which you can read  HERE.  You’ll notice that it excludes or limits certain items that are basic to the typical American diet.

What to read: Jeffrey’s teachings took me into a world I never knew existed. I’ve become a fan and student. I even served on the New York State Board of Acupuncture (2002-2007). But in the very beginning, the one book that really grounded me was Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine, by Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold. It’s written in nice, clear, readable English. The content is riveting.

Jeffrey Yuen’s food list

In the past, I’ve mentioned Jeffrey on this blog in connection with his food list. One post was about how his dietary recommendations helped clear up my various skin issues — from dry skin and adult acne to seemingly random rashes. Another post explained how the regimen was also effective in dealing with my allergies. As for this post? It’s here to give you a quick and easy place to get all the relevant links.  :)