August 13, 2016

This week, I rediscovered the pleasure in talking less and saying more. So instead of blathering on for hundreds of words, here are barely 300 words — plus a few photos that express  exactly how I feel right now.

Of course, I still have lots to share. It’s just that I’m in a deliciously quiet mood, thanks to a solid week of quality down time. There was even a leisurely morning of sorting through old pictures, which led to remembering and reminiscing…

Wow, did I really do all that? So much change involving both good stuff and stress. I particularly loved a shot from my 2015, 10-day painting trip to France. This is what it reminded me about life:


And after turning 60 a few weeks ago, I also realize this:

60 meme

When images with text overlays go viral, they become memes. Right now, these are just me’s. Social media haikus. Another form of self-expression.

(Note: If you’d like to try making your own memes, I highly recommend online photo editors like, which is super-easy to use, or Both offer free versions but the paid upgrades are much better. For your smart phone, try WordSwag.) 

Another thrill was rummaging through my art supplies, which have been gathering a year’s worth of dust since that trip to France. From there, I wandered into the kitchen and pulled out a bowl that became more than just a bowl.

With charcoal stick in hand, that ordinary ceramic object prompted a meditation on seeing. Dark and light. Form. Dimension. Textures in gray. Feels good to get out of my every day busy head and into The Zone.


And that’s it! That’s all I have to say.

Well, except for one more thing: This week, consider taking care of yourself FIRST. Do something for yourself, even if your reaction is, “I’m being selfish.”

Soak your soul in this most fantastic medicine, the ultimate spa treatment. Everyone, including you, will breathe more freely. Exhale. Go ahead. Do it. xo

Update: So my 20-something daughter saw this post and rolled her eyes. She has a totally different reaction to walls.

wall memes

Of course, there’s room for both ways to view walls. But which do you prefer? And what other options are possible? Reflecting on these questions led to blogging about the challenges of empty nesting and more.