June 19, 2012

Over the last few months of subscribing to The Wall Street Journal, I’ve been reading the increasingly gloomy stories about the economy — and feeling increasingly rebellious. There’s gotta be a way out!

The news has been just awful. And since the Journal articles tend to be quite well-written, I read them from beginning to end.

The scariest point these pieces make is that the problems are not just in the U.S. The whole world is in trouble. And our troubles are here to stay.


I mull over these stories as a single working mom with a college-bound daughter. After seven years of teaching journalism at the university level, I am very much aware of how expensive tuition will be. But I try not to worry about juggling this huge new nut, paying the mortgage and saving for the future.  

By the way, I’m turning 56 this summer. Getting on the other side of 5-5 means the big 6-0 is around the corner. Suddenly, financial planning stories interest me as I contemplate old age issues. On that front, the Journal also offers plenty of downers. Check out this one:


The other day, I felt in need of some serious inspiration. So I bought an all-purpose pair of high heels. They will work with just about any dress, any occasion.  Plus, they’re really comfortable…if you don’t have to walk in them.

Price: $675. Yes, you read right. I still can’t believe I just bought my first and probably last pair of Christian Loutoutins, complete with the signature red soles. Don’t they look good sitting in my bathroom?


While this is a sick amount of money for footwear, I insist on tottering into the economic downturn looking really good. Besides, these high heels are a quality investment that will see me through many important events. 

But now I’m wondering why I am doing all this explaining about a pair of shoes. Did I need a reason to buy them?

I guess we’re getting to the real question: Is it really possible to do what I want, just because I feel like it? That’s not the way I was raised to behave!

Still, never too late to learn. Your thoughts?    :)