March 24, 2011

Hey, guess what — my baby’s in the April issue of Seventeen Magazine! Look for her on page 82! She’s in the upper right-hand corner of the “pretty prom styles!” photo layout. That’s my Gabrielle, the dimpled cutie with the elegant updo!

Sorry for putting you through all those exclamation points. But we’re just so excited! Gabi loves fashion and dream to model just came true!

This moment is also a breakthrough for another reason…

When I launched my blog two years ago, Gabi was 14 and wanted her privacy. So I never showed photos of her face and rarely wrote about her. If I mentioned her in passing, she was simply identified as “The Princess.” But now that she’s ready to be a celebrity (haha!), I’m very proud to have you meet my only child on her terms.

Gabi’s first-ever modeling experience felt like being in a very glamorous movie.

The adventure began with an early morning drive from our home in the suburbs to Manhattan. Our destination was the Hearst Corp.’s fancy W. 57th Street headquarters.

We reported in at 8:30 a.m. and stayed until about 2:30 p.m.

During those six hours, we were dazzled by the meticulous work involved in pulling off a fashion shoot. Hair genius Damian Monzillo sculpted the ‘do. Makeup artist Keiko Hiramoto was amazing. So was stylist Chrissy Lloyd.

The actual photo shoot was mesmerizing. Photographer Peter Rosa and digital tech Angus Oborn were constantly in motion. And all that expensive digital equipment — wow. After it was over, Gabi took a few photos of the studio on her cell phone. Then she changed into her regular grrrl clothes.

Getting into the elevator and leaving was kinda sad. It had been such a crazy, over-the-top day. Of course, Gabs is now hoping to do more modeling. If you have a potential gig, let’s talk. As a novice stage mom, I could use good advice too.  ;-)

A big thank you to the wonderful folks at Seventeen Magazine. Beauty Assistant Molly Ritterbeck guided us through the day. Bookings Editor Alicia Bridgewater was so supportive through the entire process.

And of course, a huge hug to my former NYU student, Seventeen Magazine intern Laxmi Rodulfo. She was the one who directed us to Seventeen’s Facebook page and told us that the magazine uses teen readers as models. Note: Seventeen’s Facebook page currently has info on its “Real-Girl Cover Contest.”

Btw, as a concept, Facebook pages are a gold mine. They’re a completely different category from the individual profiles that we each have. The pages are public places for sellers to mingle with potential buyers. These days, it seems like every store, chain, business and political cause has a public page where customers can get the scoop on special deals and projects. In fact, if you’re marketing anything — any kind of product or service — creating your own page makes sense.

P.S. — Want to read about more about Gabi’s modeling adventures? Then go to this 2012 post about her second gig: “My kid get to model again in Seventeen magazine.”