July 3, 2012

I finally hung up my paintings in the house. Just looking at them makes me happy. Isn’t that why we hang things up in the first place, to remind ourselves of what we love?

If you recall, we repainted the house just before leaving for our April in Paris

The first floor, an open space that encompasses our living area and kitchen was getting on my nerves. All the walls were a cheery, chick-a-dee yellow wall. Now they’re a rich, restful mustardy-gold.

The space also looks great because my daughter and I took down the traditional Chinatown-y art that came from my parents’ apartment. Starting over with bare walls is a challenge because it feels unfinished. But this is a good lesson in sitting with life’s open, undone spaces — until something speaks to us.

And something just did, in the kitchen. As a machine quilter, I enjoy piecing together similar types of objects.  Life is a patchwork, after all. So our kitchen has groupings of bowls, books, baskets, refrigerator magnets. Check out my fruit paintings, which have found a new home above the pantry doors.

We like having six of my fruit paintings smiling down on all the coziness: kiwi, cantaloupe, lemon, lemon, orange, apple.


Upstairs, my bedroom has gone from neutral khaki walls to a deep, inviting red. Since I never had the budget for good bedroom furniture, you’re looking at my dumpster diving collection, all repainted: the bookshelf, the coffee table and the little stacking tables under my desk area.

My chair paintings are in the upper right corner of the shelf. While I had them displayed there before, I’m surprised by how well they respond to the new background color. They look brighter and stronger, just like me.

Looking at my work makes me want to paint more. Even though I’ve been drawing a bit, it’s been HALF A YEAR since I’ve put a brush to canvas. “Too busy” is not an acceptable excuse anymore. But….how do I get back to the doing my heart of hearts?

If any of you have ideas and tips from your own experiences on this topic, hit me, baby! I could use the help. And if you’d like to get a closer look at some of my work, please click here.   :)