September 28, 2011


Our dog Rosebud congratulates you all.

And the winners are…quite fitting for this blog contest. They’re two people who only know me because they somehow found my blog online. Yay — let’s hear it for the Internet!

So now it’s time to introduce the recipients of our two $50 Visa gift cards. Everyone, say hello to Kristin B and Joel Friedlander.   :)

Here’s what they each said they’d do with their winnings:

Kristin: “If I had an extra $50 right now, I’d buy something for my husband for our anniversary! We agreed not to do gifts, but I’d love to get him a little surprise.”

Joel: “Hmmm, $50? I would take my honey for lunch at Bouchon, for sure.”

Since this contest was a random drawing, whatever the contestants wrote about their spending fantasies was irrelevant. Still, the shared theme in their comments has me feeling like the universe is sending a message…

<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3    Love will keep us together!    <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

To recap what happened during this contest: When I asked what you all might do with a $50 gift card, the answers fell into three categories…

  •  Some of you talked about living on very tight budgets. Here is my heartfelt wish that this winter will bring you much warmth, security, love and joy.
  • Some of you mentioned causes you want to help. If we can’t see beyond our navels to help others, what’s the point of life anyway? Thank you for making us aware of the issues.
  • Some of you dreamed about massages, makeup and dining out. That’s the spirit! May the spa gods smile upon you before the year is out.

Thank you all for humoring me through this little giveaway. Since I’m someone who has never won anything in my life, I enjoy the idea of running contests. This one gave me ideas for a few more. I hope you’ll stay close to see what I come up with next. They will never be about big money — because I don’t have it. But hopefully, they will create a few memorable moments.   xo

P.S. — I don’t know anything about Kristin B but I would like to mention that Joel runs a terrific blog that you may want to follow. is all about the world of self-publishing. He is a firm believer that writers do NOT have to sit around waiting to be rejected by agents, editors and publishers. Do it yourself, baby — you might even make money on your book. He found me on Twitter and we have following each other ever since.

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