January 16, 2010

You never know what the New Year might bring. So on New Year’s Eve, I was sitting in bed with my laptop, creating a “profile” for a dating site called Somehow, embarking on 2010 put me in the mood to explore romance. Again.

Actually, I’m surprised to be doing this. After all, I’ve been going on and one about being happily single; after breaking up with a guy over the summer, I swore I wouldn’t date again for about a year.

But everyone in my life — including my teen daughter — wants me to snap out of it. Funny, because these are the same people who used to think online dating is creepy. Apparently, they now think that my looking for love online is preferable to having me sitting home with the three kitties like an old cat lady. Hence the picture here of me in a CatWoman costume. Hey, I still know how to purr (among other things)!

It’s a free, national dating website. After a two-year haitus from dating, it was amazing to sit there with my laptop on Dec. 31st, trawling my net through screen after screen of guy bios. Many of them were flashing with the announcement “Online now!” “Online now!”

The free feature also has new people constantly joining. When I log on, it’s like checking out what the tide has brought in. To be honest, I’ve met very few guys that I’ve actually clicked with. Most of them aren’t my type. But that’s okay. It’s the act of being out there that’s important for me at the moment.

So if you’re alone this time of year, take heart. You never know. One of us might luck out with the catch of the day. Until then, fishing might be fun.

Update — Oct. 14, 2013: I think I barely lasted six months on this particular dating website. Sure, free was great. But somehow, there just wasn’t enough going on in my age group. If any of you have had a different experience, please share!