I adore eating out and lingering with friends over a meal. As a social eater, I try everything.

But at home, I keep a classical, Chinese herbal medicine-inspired kitchen. The regimen is low-carb, gluten-free, wheat-free, sugar-free & dairy-free. It’s also heavy on veggies and grains.

Here’s what my food world looks like


HEALTH: I’m a huge fan of Chinese herbal medicine and other holistic marvels. I am also a former member of  the New York State Acupuncture Board.




One of my paintings! It hangs in the house of my first collector. You can see where he keeps it in his house. Click here to see the photo at the end of one of my blog posts.


Making food memories


RECIPES: Fast, cheap,  easy – a mix of nutritious and guilty pleasures :)


DINING OUT: For me, restaurants = theater.


COOKING CLASSES: What I’ve learned as a student.


 MORE EXPERIENCES: And, food = community.