I believe that your words have the power to heal you


I am the Life & Work Coach at New York University’s journalism graduate school. I help both professional and student journalists who are passionate about finding work/life balance and empowering their storytelling with new skills.

I also teach journalism in NYU’s undergraduate program, where I was awarded NYU’s Outstanding Teaching Award.

Separately, I am in private practice. My clients range from individuals who are artists, writers and executives. Organizations and corporations also bring me in to create coaching workshops and programs for their teams.

As your certified life coach, we work with the whole you – body and soul, mind and emotions.

I take a holistic approach in coaching issues that include diversity, identity, relationships, writing, communication skills, writing, alcoholism and addiction, domestic violence and the immigrant experience.

My specialty is transforming trauma, especially related to childhood. These experiences show up in our adult lives as hidden triggers that sabotage how we love, work and play. But coaching changes the story.

Together, we can turn heartbreak into new resources that bring beautiful light and lightness to our lives.


How I Coach Online

I have mentored and trained generations of storytellers. This comes from my many years as a journalist and professor, which blessed me with sharp listening and storytelling skills. Now, I’m here to help you dig out the the missing pieces, layers and dimensions of your own story. Let’s get you to the life you really want.

Private Coaching

50-minute, one-to-one sessions

  • Some people see me instead of a weekly therapist
  • Some people see me AND a therapist.
  • Weekly sessions create the most momentum and progress.
  • Packages of five to 10 sessions are also available.

Small group

Meet live for a workshop series over several weeks

  • I run workshops on diversity issues related to writing, storytelling, communication and culture, childhood and trauma.
  • I run workshops for community, family and friend groups.
  • Small group events usually last 60-to-75 minutes.
  • Can be one event or a series of several meetings.

Self Start

Explore my blog posts and YouTube videos

  • I have hundreds of blog posts.
  • Topics include identity, writing, journalism, Classical Chinese medicine and holistic health, the inner child, relationships, communication skills and stories from my life. 
  • YouTube videos about writing and communication skills.
  • Winner of New York University’s Outstanding Teaching Award.

Live Webinar

60-minute zooms, with time for chat and questions

  • I host live workshops and talks on Zoom.
  • Tickets are sold on Eventbrite.
  • Subscribe to my newsletter to find out about other events.

Coaching for Organizations

Customize your staff’s immediate success in diversity, inclusion and equity (DEl) training. Transform team morale, communication and writing skills.

  • Talks, workshops and one-to-one coaching for Employee Resource Groups.
  • Solution-focused communication skills training for team building.
  • Coaching and talks during celebratory events, such as Asian American and Pacific Islander Month in May, Women’s History Month and more.
  • Coaching in communication and writing skills, storytelling, work-life balance, diversity.