September 14, 2021

Dear Readers,

For 10 years, starting in 2008, I blogged nearly every week. I kept at it because writing to you transformed my life. You showed up and let me babble until I could see the past and present more clearly. Then in 2018, I disappeared from this space. My last post was about the need to recover  from childhood traumas that still haunted me in adulthood.

Now, three years later, I’M BAAACK – and, excited to share what I’ve learned in a series of upcoming workshops and free webinars.

Everything I’m sharing was put to the test in my covid classrooms. No matter what my students were feeling, most of them showed up every week. I’m relieved to report that my students and I were able to transform fear, grief, trauma and confusion into deep learning and hopeful life lessons. We even managed to laugh and create crazy moments of fun.

In every situation, the secret to our success can be summed up in two words: inner child. We had to find our way to feeling emotionally and physically safe enough to love, learn and play.

The experience showed me the power in being old(er). It’s taken me more than half a century and a pandemic to reframe the past. But the process got me to a life I really want – one that’s filled with work, people, pets, nature and purpose.

In these workshops and free webinars, I’ve taken my 65-year journey and boiled it down to a secret sauce. Based on what I’ve seen in my students and clients, many of you will enjoy  results that are practical, powerful and even rather poetic.

If you’re reading this, thank you for being open to reconnecting. It would be fun to see you in my upcoming workshops and free webinars. We have a lot to talk about in the days ahead.





Workshops and (free!) webinars

I’m excited about hosting five (free!) webinars between Sept. 15 and Sept. 24.

  • The first one runs tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 15, at 6pm, EST: “Your Inner Child is Your Secret GPS.” I hope you’ll join me for a cozy hour of reflecting on how to identify and nurture the beautiful kid within each of us. It might help you think through what drives you and offer new ways to feel really good about yourself.

Then, from Sept. 28 to Oct. 27, look for four workshops ($250 each). 

I’m also available for private coaching. Please contact me for rates.

Private coaching, workshops and free webinars are all hosted on Zoom.


Free webinars, Sept. 15-Sept. 24

Each webinar description includes a link to the event on Eventbrite. Once you register for a free ticket, you’ll be given access to the Zoom link. 

Your inner child is your secret GPS

Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2021, 6-7pm EST (3-4pm PST)

Discover what drives you. Then, get on the road to success. Learn what it means to transform triggers and early trauma. Reclaim what you loved most about being a kid.   Register HERE.

How writing can save your life

Friday, Sept. 17, 2021, 12-1pm EST (9-10am PST)

Stop by for a hand writer’s toolkit. It can instantly impact how you write, talk and process life. Both beginner and experienced writers will leave with fresh perspectives.   Register HERE.

The immigrant experience: Transforming our trauma

Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021, 2-3pm EST (11-12pm PST)

Immigrants and children of immigrant are survivors. Yay, us! But there’s much more to life. Discover how you’re still in survival mode. And ways to move beyond it.   Register HERE.


Asian bodies, Asian American dreams

Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021, 5pm-6pm EST  (2-3pm PST)

Historically, our Asian bodies have been eroticized, exoticized, politicized and dehumanized. Here are 5 ways to reframe how we self-identify.   Register HERE.


Mixed race in America : New definitions for belonging

Friday, Sept. 24, 2021,  1-2pm EST (10-11 PST)

What do you mean when you say “my people”? Definitions are changing; the U.S. is more multiracial than ever. Get more love from your origin and chosen families.  Register HERE. 



Workshops, Sept. 28-Oct. 26

My four workshops are based on material that students and clients have described as “powerful” and “life changing.” They also often mention the words like “exciting,” “intimate,” “community” and “fun.” “Good value for the money” also comes up.  :)

Writing Workshops: Letters

Choose from two, live, 5-week writing workshops on Zoom. Beginners welcome. Dive into writing techniques that will instantly improve your communication skills. Your own words also have the power to heal you and change how you view your life.

Letters to Myself: Tuesdays, Sept. 28-Oct, 26, 11-1pm EST

Total cost: $250

Maximum registration: 10 seats

To register, email me at


Letters to My Ancestors: Wednesdays, Sept. 29-Oct. 27, 6-8pm EST

Total cost: $250

Maximum registration: 10 seats

To register, email me at



Seasonal Reset Workshop: Mouth Makeover

In Autumn, we harvest what we planted. What’s gone into your mouth? What’s come out of it? Join us for 10 days of 45-minute daily Zooms filled with creative prompts. Even though this is not a writing workshop, you’ll want to keep pen, paper and digital writing devices handy. Reorganize your priorities in every area – relationships, money, body image, career and more.  The two sections below cover the same material but meet at different times of the day.

Mouth Makeover: Daily, Oct. 1-Oct. 10, 10-10:45am EST (Section A)

Total cost: $250

Maximum registration: 10 seats

To register, email me at


Mouth Makeover: Daily, Oct. 1-Oct. 10, 4-4:45pm EST (Section B)

Total cost: $250

Maximum registration: 10 seats

To register, email me at


OPTIONAL BONUS: For the first 8 of our 10 days, this reset includes guidance on using a gentle, herbal cleanse by Classical Chinese Medicine expert Jeffrey C. Yuen. (Cleanse ingredients are  hawthorne tincture, ginger, maple syrup, lemon juice, water.)

THE PROCESS: 2 days of drinking only the cleanse, then 2 days each of clear fluids, purees, soft foods. Please check with your doctor if you have health concerns.



And, if you’re interested in private coaching

I’m thrilled about coaching adults one-on-one. The goal is to find freedom from childhood triggers so that we can get on with living our best lives. Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in individual coaching in confidential, 45-minute Zooms. You set the pace for our meetings because you’re driving this journey. We can meet weekly, once in a while or several weeks in a row. Please contact me for rates:

Since it’s been a while since we’ve chatted, here’s a recap of what I bring to the table: 

Certified life coach in private practice (ICF, ACC). Specialties: Inner child coaching to address traumas that impact adulthood, diversity (DEI), writing, communication, creativity. Certifications in Classical Chinese medicine.

Veteran professor (17 years). Currently teaching part-time at NYU (journalism), The New School (creative writing), and Westchester Community College (communication). TESOL certified. Former New York Daily News columnist (16 years in full-time journalism).

Parents from China. Born in New Jersey. Raised in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Baruch College (BBA). Columbia University (MS). Divorced. Single mom. Artist. Pet lady.


This is just the beginning!

During the past three years, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I teach and how I do it. What you’re seeing in this post are the first online workshops and webinars coming to you from what I’m calling Inner Child University ™. As a coach, this is my brand, my space for sharing what I know about transforming childhood triggers and trauma.

So, welcome to the 2021 Fall Semester at Inner Child University™. It’s actually our first semester, ever! This is your chance to get out of your own way, and find success in work/play/love.

As an expert writing teacher and coach, these fall offerings – along with the option for private coaching – are spaces that can help you express the story of your life with clarity and confidence. The process will reveal things you never saw or understood before. Connecting to yourself in a new, more complete way will transform your future.

Even professional writers learn communication tools that get results. The most important creative tool is your inner child. The kid within. A personal GPS built on childhood memories and emotions that still matter to you as a grownup.

For the latest updates on new offerings and blog posts, please subscribe to my newsletter. Your information will not be sold or shared in any way.   :)