June 6, 2010

There’s something mystical about the weather right before a summer storm. Up until today, the heat and humidity were suffocating. But even though the thermometer reads 86 degrees right now, it’s beautiful outside. There’s this insane, blustery wind blowing through my backyard. Everything is swaying and rustling!

This morning, I just had to get out into the middle of all that breezy action. Feeling adventurous, I went into the garden with my new camera. Even though I’m pretty much an indoor kind of girl, the textures and colors were intoxicating.

Also enjoyed fooling around with the settings on my Canon PowerShot SC120 IS. Experimenting with the buttons made for hit-or-miss attempts at close-up photos. But it actually worked a few times – ha. Learning to take pictures is going to be fun.

So many green shades and textures

I grow lots of lavender

Hey look, I can actually do a decent close-up