July 31, 2012

It’s done! Welcome to my redesigned blog. Thanks to your help, I’ve got a new logo and theme blurb that might work. I’m also on a mission to self-publish a book under my new imprint, TheGoodAsian.

If you check out the navigation menu at the top of this page, next to the “blog” tab is a new tab for “” Of course, you know there’s a joke here because I’ve spent most of my life not feeling like a good Asian! But it’s time to broaden out the definitions here. And to do that, there’s a lot for us to talk about.

For those of you not in the mood to click over to my new tab, this is what I’ve posted on it:

Aha! Now that I’ve got your attention….

Welcome to my new publishing imprint, TheGoodAsian. I’m planning to drop my first book in early 2013. Meantime, please join me here in rocking a discussion on what it means for us all to be The Good Asian. 

 This is a deeply personal topic because my insane and insanely strict Chinese immigrant parents raised me to believe in a specific form of “good” and “bad.”
The things they wanted me to do were “good.” My attempts to go my own way, following my own heart, were “bad.” It’s a school of parenting that crosses all cultures, races and creeds. Which means you don’t need to be racially Asian to understand the pressures in being TheGoodAsian! Of course, with perceptions being the way they are, “Asian” has connotations that are very appealing. After all, “Asian” is associated these days with high-achieving, highly-functional, highly educated people who believe in family, make good money and are poised politically and socio-economically to take over the world. But what about those of us who break the stereotypes on one level or another? Aren’t we the true good Asians? So just as hip hop and salsa culture have been embraced by people of all races and cultures, I’m here raising the flag for the crossover appeal of a broader definition. You don’t have to be Asian in this new community. You just have to see the good side of being “bad,” a concept layered with meaning for us all. If you’d like to share your thoughts on this topic on any level — personal experiences, reactions or book ideas that would inspire us all — please comment away!All  rule-breakers, dream seekers, artists, entrepreneurs and students of life…come home to Momma. We are one people. 

Well…what do you think? And are the logo banner and logo blurb better? I really appreciate all the feedback on the earlier post about building the Betty Ming Liu brand. You’re all INCREDIBLY INSIGHTFUL and very, very honest.

Based on your reactions, I retooled the blurb to remove the emphasis on being Chinese and a slave to my parents. Taking your suggestions, I also added exactly what I’m about, my identifiers: single mom, journalist, artist, etc.

Even though most of liked the new photo, I’ve swapped it out for this doodled image now in its place. More fun, personal and playful, perhaps? As for the things I’m holding in my many arms…they might not be much easier to decipher than the items I held in the photo below.  But I think it’s okay. You get the idea that I’m busy.  :)

So the version of the banner below, which I posted on July 17, is now cyberspace history. Gone:


I don’t know what this sharper focus will bring to this blog or to my life. But things are gonna change. Thank you all for supporting me. This is us, taking chances and growing together. I’m excited!


Update on March 10, 2013: Oh my goodness, what a difference a year makes. Just FYI, I am bailing on the idea of identifying myself as Good Asian/Bad Asian. Totally not interested anymore in defining myself by Asian boundaries. Ooops, did I really write that? Haha. Yes. Done. Still writing and branding and heading towards something new. Not sure what it is but please keep up with my new posts because at some point, I will figure it out. Thanks for visiting this old post! xoxoxoxo.