July 10, 2012

The impossible has happened — I can now say that I am a C-cup. Make that a 32C, which is a ludicrous concept since there is no cleavage going on, trust me. But this is still an exciting development worth noting. :)

This blessed event took place the other day when I needed a special occasion dress in a hurry.

Desperate for help, I called W., a friend of mine who works at Saks Fifth Avenue. I asked her if she had time to  pull a few things for me to look at. Thankfully, she had the perfect item, a hot little number that was marked down to $110 from more than $500.

Unfortunately, it didn’t hang right. But there was a solution.

“You need a better lift,” she said tactfully, and led me to the lingerie department.

After trying on a bunch of boob holders, we discovered the “Natori reflex” (Style #730495, in case you’re personally interested). The price tag made me gasp: $64. Yes. Ouch.

This padded marvel is sculpted and securely underwired for a super-snug fit that actually looks natural. The designer happens to be Josie Natori, an Asian-American, which made me feel connected to my new undergarment in a special way…

Judging from photos I’ve seen of her, she’s not exactly well-endowed either. It’s comforting to imagine that this maker of beautiful stuff for women of all shapes and sizes might personally understand little me.

So, I walked outta Saks with a new dress, a new bra and a new bounce (in my step, if not in my chest).

Here’s a photo of my 32C miracle. If the cups look shallow, that’s because they are! Haha. For your viewing pleasure, I draped my new purchase over some of the gorgeous hydrangeas blooming in my garden..


Up until now, my dresser has been filled with 36B bras that only seemed to fit right when I was at least 10 pounds overweight. Is that a form of denial or what? But now that I’m down to my fighting weight, it’s time to see what I’m really about.

And 32C it is.

Plunging ahead as a C-cup, I am inspired to brainstorm more ways to redefine myself creatively. In moving onto the rest of my wardrobe, there are a lot of hats that might need some restyling too:  mom, journalist, painter, pet lady, middle aging single sex symbol. Let’s see how many ways I can rethink these chapeaus to suit my evolving needs.