April 1, 2010

Aha! You found me. I’m here to share inspiration and useful information from my journey to happiness.

It’s a miracle to reach this point. As the first-born child to insane, strict Chinese immigrant parents, I was destined to a dutiful, miserable life of high-level functionality. But as a recovering daughter who has spent a lot of time in therapy, I have discovered how marvelous it feels to do my own thing as a divorced, single holistic mom who is a journalist, artist, foodist and pet lady.

This website covers stuff I’ve learned along the way. Since I spent a lot of years as an adjunct assistant professor, you’ll find plenty of posts with advice on writing and reporting. I also blog about personal moments, cooking, art, parenting, dating and more.

So….hope you’ll consider subscribing (just go to the “subscribe” box in the sidebar column to your upper right). Welcome to my virtual living room, which is filled with wonderful readers and guest appearances by my teen daughter, our three cats and of course, the bossy little dog.