August 8, 2015

I owe you all huge thanks. As my blog readers, you’ve just made two big dreams come true. Those of you who subscribe — or who plan to subscribe after reading this post — are super-special. The ability to reach you personally via email is blogger gold.

Your loyalty makes you royalty. So to treat you right, I’m here to clean up how my emails get to you.


But first, a few words about those dreams you helped to fulfill…..

Dream #1: I just started blogging for The Huffington Post! At last, a national platform for airing issues I care about. HuffPo will periodically run shorter versions of my original blog posts that first appear here, on My blog will give you more content in words, resources and illustrations. But my HuffPo quick hit version works great for a broader audience:   


Dream #2: My blog makeover is complete! As far as I can tell, everything works fairly well now. The redesign is “responsive,” which means the blog visually adapts its layout to suit your device. The view from a desktop or laptop differs from what you’ll get on your smart phone, iPad or other reader. My mini-me is so smart!  

Sorry about all the exclamation points today but I’m thrilled. My dreams came true because I’ve finally got a bunch of great readers. There’s enough of you to invest in a top quality makeover. Enough of you to impress the HuffPo folks. Most importantly, there’s enough of you that I’m finally, finally nailing both my brand and my voice.

Operating on this bigger, brighter stage calls for cleaning up your email subscription. Which is why we’re here today.  :)

I just switched to MailChimp, a really great subscriber email delivery service. As a subscriber, you are probably getting two emails in your inbox now. The one you want to keep is the new email that shows you the full blog post, with photos.

If you’re reading the full blog post in your email but not seeing any photos, please add my address from this new subscriber email to your address book. This way, your inbox knows I’m not spam. 

And let’s get rid of the old subscriber emails. If you can open the email you’re used to getting, please scroll to the bottom. Find the link that says “unsubscribe” and click on it. 

 That action will get rid of the email that looks like this: 


Clicking “unsubscribe” will also terminate this, if this ugliness is how you’ve been subscribing:


Some of you are getting yet another hideous subscriber email which also must go:


Ugh. That’s the end of the visually junky, functionally crappy email subscriber options. Out with the old. Clean sweep!

If you’re not a subscriber and would like to be one, I’d love to have you. Your address stays only with me. And I understand totally if you want to unsubscribe at any time. To sign up, type in your email in the space provided:.


In the weeks ahead, I hope to send you useful blog posts. Eventually, I’ll try some interesting ways to share stuff with you in the subscriber emails — how’s that for a cliffhanger?   :)

By the way, I recently turned 59. The new blog design and the HuffPo gigs make for spectacular birthday gifts. They validate my belief that to survive and thrive in today’s world, I’ve gotta stay entrepreneurial. My happiness depends on being able to shape the world instead of passively letting it shape me.

Six years ago, I started blogging in hopes of finding an identity apart from the self-worth that comes from toiling as a 9-to-5 wage slave. Thanks to your continuing feedback and support, this blog has led to fabulous freelance gigs that make my flex-time, work-from-home lifestyle possible.

So again, thank you for the support!

If you feel like chatting about anything or have blog suggestions, please drop a comment on this post. Or send me a private email. Even if you’ve never revealed yourself to me, I benefit from your good energy.  You’re the best! Xo.