August 9, 2012

At some point earlier this summer, I turned 56. Horrors! (I never posted the date on my Facebook because I worry about identity theft. Does that make me sound like an overly-cautious old lady? Ha.)

The idea of approaching the big 6-0 is mind boggling. How in the world did I end up wandering this world for more than half a century?!

I don’t want to get into a lot of blah-blah about growing older. Life is too short. Instead, how about a little inspiration…

Here is one of my favorite images. This Helmut Newton photograph was in the retrospective of his extraordinary career at the Grand Palais in Paris. My daughter Gabi and I went to check out the exhibition during our April vacation in that beautiful city.

The actual photo, entitled “Mario Valentino,” was taken in Monte Carlo in 1998, when I still had it goin’ on. Hell, I still have it goin’ on!

The postcard of this shot is pinned to my bedroom bulletin board. Whenever I look at it, even out of the corner of my eye, I instinctively straighten my shoulders, suck in my gut and remember who I really am.

Just sharing this photograph now has me feeling all kinds of emotions about being young and middle aged, sexy and sassy, brave and scared, wise and inexperienced. Add to the mix a few wistful twinges and rarely mentioned regrets — and that takes us to another year of being alive. xoxoxoxo.