Here’s my story. And I’m sticking to it.  :)

My short bio

Betty Ming Liu (she/her) is a holistic life & career coach. She specializes in inner child work, storytelling and Classical Chinese Medicine meditation and wellness techniques. At NYU’s journalism department, she works part-time as the life & career coach in the graduate school, and as a professor for undergrads. A proud single mom and the daughter of Chinese immigrants, Betty is also a former New York Daily News columnist who grew up in Chinatown. Today, in her 60s, she lives with her rescue pit bull in Los Angeles, where they enjoy living a few minutes away from her daughter.


And, for more details…

My struggling Chinese immigrant parents raised me in survival mode. We shut down our feelings and focused on work. I was their success story – until I wasn’t.

On the “success” side: I grew up to be a journalist and professor. During my marriage, I had Louis Vuitton and Prada bags, a Lexus, a Mercedes and a big house.

Then, the other side: Divorce. Money trauma. Intergenerational trauma. Coping as an older, single mom of color. Family issues related to immigration PTSD, alcoholism and domestic violence. But that’s getting way ahead of the story.

My first career as a journalist gave me the tools to observe, question and discover my truth. I started out with a success perm, an accounting degree from Baruch College and a master’s from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. I was the first Asian American staffer at every newsroom that hired me. It was a wild ride of chasing headlines, trauma and chaos. When I quit to do the mommy thing, I dived into a new chapter. Divorce. Single motherhood. Blogging held me steady as I shared my journey. My post about the tiger mom went viral.

Another chapter began when my career makeover fulfilled a childhood dream. In junior high school, I belonged to the “Future Teachers League.” Over the past 20 years, I’ve taught generations of students at half a dozen universities. I’m also thrilled to win NYU’s “Outstanding Teaching Award.”

I’ve mostly taught three subjects at three places, right through the pandemic: Journalism at NYU, creative writing at The New School and speech communication skills at Westchester Community College. My students were so open and vulnerable. They’ve helped me to open up, too.

In my 50s, I finally saw the impact of my childhood. Little Betty was a sad kid, filled with wordless rage. But now, as a grownup, I had the words: Depression. Anxiety. Low self-esteem. And all of it followed me into adulthood as triggers for self-sabotage.

Welcome to my inner child. This new self-awareness motivated me to reframe my relationship to my past. Everything changed – my thinking, my life. My story.

In 2022, at 66 years young, I moved cross country to Los Angeles. Today, I live just minutes away from my daughter. I work full-time as a holistic life & career coach. Home is a sweet little bungalow, which I share with Bobo, my rescue pit bull. My inner child is safe, loved and ready for play. Happy at last!

Thanks for reading.  :)