Chinese translation of Black Lives Matter issues for Chinese moms & dads #BLM

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Some of you might remember my blog post about Black Lives Matter. A lot of you shared this open letter pleading with Chinese American moms to stand with Black moms. But many of you also asked for a Chinese translation.

Click HERE for a Chinese translation of my original, open letter to Chinese American moms about Black Lives Matter.

Requests for a Chinese version of my letter started coming in right after I blogged about Black Lives Matter on July 10, 2016. You can read the English language version of my open letter to Chinese American moms HERE.

It’s taken me a while to get the Chinese translation done. Many thanks to my friend David Leung, a bilingual journalist and professional translator, who made this Chinese PDF of the original post possible. (He even translated the various charts about interracial marriages and families!)

So now, let’s feel the pain of Black moms whose families are destroyed by police gunning down their sons, partners and brothers.

Feel the pain as we confront daily headlines about new shootings of unarmed Black civilians.

Feel the pain as the cases and incidents become more widespread, pulling in Black cops, female cops, armed Black men.


In my blog post, I lay out the case as thoroughly as possible. Here are the points I cover:

  • Chinese American moms hold the power to change our nation’s future
  • Asian American kids benefit from identifying with Black culture
  • Asian American judges are hearing police shooting court cases
  • Police kill Asian Americans too
  • Anti-Blackness and outright racism persists in Asian America
  • Interracial marriage and multiracial families are the future
  • Moms in this country need to stick together

I hope you’ll share because we need to keep talking about the issues. Thank you for keeping the conversation alive through this blog post. And how are you doing with this difficult topic? Let us know by commenting below. xo

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  1. If we could even forget for a moment the polar extreme division of Trump v. Hillary, I find it difficult to come together even with millennials who hope for the same changes we old liberals would love to see. The limits put on language itself by hashtag labels with too little consideration of intention and nuance.. Every 3 or 4 word phrase comes to symbolize something too tightly defined to allow for a productive discourse. Makes people prone to stick with their own definitions instead of really listening for the intention and quality of the individual. Everyone does have a hard time dusting off their assumptions and defenses.

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  3. Thank you for your post on this very important issue as it relates to Asians. I was trying to send a copy of your link in Chinese to my mother but it seems that the post is no longer there.

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