How to vacation with a dog in Vermont

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Summer’s flying by! The headlines? Daughter home from college. Boyfriend moving in the last of his possessions. Blog under major renovation. Writing, gardening, cleaning, adjusting…and, vacationing. With a dog.

The latest dog in my life is Roscoe, a mellow, old shepherd. He and the bf have been together for more than 14 years. They moved in as a package deal.  :)


When the three of us decided to visit Vermont, I was surprised by how easy it was to book a hotel room. I dreamed about canine vacationing back in the ’90s, two dogs ago. But in those days, most places didn’t take pets. Now we have affordable, uncomplicated options.

All I had to do was Google “pet friendly hotels vermont.” From here, I narrowed the search to our hippy-dippy destination: “pet friendly hotels vermont burlington.”

The Quality Inn in Shelburne offered the best rate: $136.25 per night. To get that price, I called the hotel directly instead of booking through a website like As usual, mentioning my American Automobile Association (AAA) membership knocked off a more bucks.

The room was around the back, near the dumpster. No view, yet convenient. We parked practically next to the room, which was next to a dog-friendly patch of grass and near the indoor pool and sauna.

Our digs featured a separate alcove that contained a chair, a fridge and a spot for the dog bowls. We got a kick out of the pricing list posted in the bathroom, detailing what we would be charged if we decided to rip off a bath towel ($20) or a bed with mattress ($875):

Quality Inn

For the views, we hit the road. There was so much to see and do:


Burlington is a town for dog lovers. At the Saturday morning farmers market, dogs were everywhere:


The food at this weekly event features delicious, locally-sourced produce and products. We tried Taiwanese dumplings made with non-GMO ingredients, chorizo sausage franks and fat toast. Fat toast is a tasty  concept: a slice of bread slathered in your favorite grease — coconut oil or butter —  then topped with jam, honey, nut butter or more butter:


One night, we took in the sunset overlooking beautiful Lake Champlain. As always, the Green Mountains (that’s what they’re officially called) were in the background. Visually, the greens and blues just blew me away.


So that’s Vermont, along with an update on my personal life. I came home feeling refreshed and excited about more dog-friendly trips. How about you? Any doggie travel tips or travel plans? Hope you’re having a great summer!

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    Thanks, Charlotte! I know how you feel. I still have two cats. One can go anywhere, do anything. But the other freaks the minute he’s in a carrying case. Sometimes, they just need to stay home.

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      Thanks, Doralee! Actually, both of them have been around for a while. Even though bloggers are over-sharers, I felt awkward writing about them, which is uncharacteristic for me. But here they are, fully part of my life. :)

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  2. For your next trip north, don’t overlook New Hampshire. Many years ago there was a period in my life when I had to go there several times a year and was always amazed at how beautiful it is. There are unexpected things there – such as the full size replica of the Arc de Triomph in the town of Tilton, built by a successful gold rush prospector who came home to Tilton with bags of gold and decided “to improve the view.” His magnificent Victorian mansion is now the library of The Tilton School.

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      Hi Toby! Hmmm. I don’t know much about NH except for the state slogan, “Live Free or Die.” But thanks for putting Tilton on my radar. The French connection sounds like fun. :)

  3. Hi Betty. I used to live in Burlington (with my now departed dog); it’s a great town! Last summer, my husband, my (current) dog and I rented a house in Vermont thru HomeAway. It was the off season in Killington (boy was it off; place was really deserted) so it was cheap, but I was glad I could bring my old dog. This year we’re staying at a vegan bed & breakfast in the Finger Lakes region of New York that is also dog friendly.

    I haven’t blogged in forever, but I’m thinking of blogging my trip (a vegan vacation!) and also participating Vegan MoFo (the vegan month of food) in September. Glad to reconnect with your blog. Your content, as always, is so interesting, not to mention inspiring.

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      Miss Rachel, I’ve been missing your recipes. Nice to hear from you! I have made a note of HomeAway. Will definitely check them out in the future. The very idea of a vegan B&B sounds worth exploring. If you write it, I will read it, for sure.

      Taking a break from blogging is normal. At least, from what I’ve been reading lately. Goodness knows, I’ve been doing it myself. This is the first I’m hearing about Vegan MoFo and it sounds like fun. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy whatever you plan to do in the weeks to come.

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