12 ways to know if you’re an entrepreneur

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Those of you who know me have often heard me say that I don’t necessarily define “my people” by race, gender or even creed. Instead, I most closely identify most closely with entrepreneurs, the folks with a can-do spirit for taking chances. Mistakes, failure…what’s that?

On that note, here’s a little something that I ripped out of The Wall Street Journal. How interesting to see the collected stats about entrepreneurs in this country and to see how I do and don’t measure up. In print, this handy graphic refers to entrepreneurs as “small business owners” but online, the phrase was taken out because hey, the late Steve Jobs who create Apple is just one example of an entrepreneur who founded a company that became an industry leader. Think big.  :)

In terms of stereotyping, the otherwise well-constructed graphic presented below unfortunately puts the shadow of a man in the background. Based on what I’ve been hearing, reading and seeing, women are out there starting new businesses in huge numbers. Shame on the Journal for its sexism!

Still, this chart has its many useful charms. The percentages nail me on some key points. I am first-born, middle class with an advanced degree. Then again, I do not have 3.1 siblings and am not first in my family to have a business. Should that make me less successful going forward?

Of course not! The real value in reflecting on this chart is to see who else is out there. We’re just sizing up the community — and competition, haha! Sharpening my sense of self-awareness is always a good thing.

And you, how do you stack up?   :)

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  1. Very interesting.

    I’m interested in the “child” question. Did 60% have that first child when they launched their business? And is it 60% of all entrepreneurs, or is it 60% of of entrepreneurs who are married?

    I think your risk-factor goes up by a lot when you have kids. Your bills do too. :)

  2. Betty,
    It is interesting fact that most people credit Jobs and not Steve Wasniac (the WAZ) for Apples creation. He was the real brains behind the creation of bot Apple i and the Apple ][ computer. Most of those statistics also don’t have normal distributions. For example itthe average may be one child but it is not possible to have nagative children. This would tend to bias the results.Most variabls = would be closer to a gamma.

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