Rushing around is a bad idea

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Some lessons are very, very hard for me. But I’m going to surrender to the moment and blog the shortest post ever. If I can truly minimize the word count in this space right now, it means that I have made progress in learning to slow down.

Trying to cram a million things into each day has become just too stressful. What a bad habit! So I’m setting aside the longer blog post I was working on. To finish it would mean hurrying through it as the hour grows late — a totally joyless experience.

Instead, I’d like to sit here for a second with you, catch my breath and connect. There’s an intimacy in the pause, the exhale.

Get off the hamster wheel.

Without the mad spinning, I am always able to find at least one simple pleasure. On that note, I’d like to share a photo from a recent walk with my dog Rosebud. Since she’s deaf, we just walk. No talk. The profound sweetness of happy quiet, surrounded by gorgeous autumn leaves.

What about you? If you have a happy everyday moment to share, please leave it as a comment that is one word, a simple phrase or one sentence.

No effort.

Just. Let. Go.


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  5. Betty,
    I have learned to …
    Listen to my sourroundings. Especially to those close to me, myfamily, pets, myself and God when I pray.
    Remember that the earth is a living thing. All things have a sprit that must be nurtured.

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