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I loved baked goodies but for the longest time was too lazy, busy and cheap to make anything in my own oven. Too much of an effort! But then I found a terrific little countertop solution that changed my life.

The Breville Compact Smart Oven is a toaster oven that makes it super-easy to bake casseroles, small sheet cakes or even a chicken. Of course, it also does a good job at toasting and broiling. No more waiting to heat up the regular oven or feeling guilty about using all that energy to make just a single dish. This little baby is ideal for small, quick baking moments. Very, very efficient.

After shopping around, the 1,800-watt Breville BoV650XL distinguished itself as the most sturdy, well-made, attractive choice. It’s also very easy to clean and comes with two baking/broiling trays. As for dimensions: about 9 inches tall, 11 inches deep and 17 inches wide.

With the chilly autumn weather settling in and the gift-giving holiday season coming up, I thought you might like a blog post about this cozy kitchen item. Here’s another plus …in the old days with my big oven, baking in the summer was awful because the kitchen would make the whole house hot. But now, I’m happily baking year round while saving money on my utility bills.

A few years ago, I paid nearly $200 for my Breville. While the price hasn’t gone down much since, it’s available for $173.90 on, where you can look at close-up photos here.

By the way, if you click on the Amazon link that I’ve just provided and end up buying the oven — or anything else — I get a commission as an Amazon “affilliate.” Fellow bloggers, take note: you can become affiliates too and signing up is simple. (No, I don’t get a dime if you decide to do it.)

At the moment, I make about 10 bucks every few months, which is fun. But at any time, if you click through to Amazon via my site and shop more — well, maybe you can spend enough to help me put my kid through college, haha.

I’ll close now with a nice photo of the Breville in my kitchen.  :)

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  1. Betty,
    We have one of those! Ours is made by Oster. I found it works good for breaded fish sticks which don’t do well in either the deep fryer or the microwave.

  2. Post

    TJ, thanks for pointing that out — my daughter likes baking frozen foods in our Breville. Totally agree with you. Something about having a small, compact heated oven makes it perfect for doing a quick and tasty job. Everything comes out nice and crispy.

  3. I once had a kitchen appliance – a gift that was intended to be a favorite – or so I was told by the giver. It was a toaster that talked. It asked how you wanted your toast – as if that particular constant might have changed overnight. It then instructed you to push the appropriate button for the desired level of incineration – again as if overnight one would likely have forgotten about the necessity to push a button in order to activate it. After about a week of this, i assaulted the thing with a hammer. I will NOT be condescended to by a toaster! Shop clerks, lawyers, garage mechanics – OK -i’ll put up with it – but I draw the line at appliances!

  4. Post

    Haha — well how about an appliance that plays music? My electric rice cooker doesn’t “talk.” Instead, it plays one little tune when I hit “start,” and another to let me know when it’s shutting down. :)

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    I have a Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 10-Cup neuro-fuzzy rice cooker. It costs $170 on Amazon. There’s also a smaller 5-cup model for $158. Love this appliance too because it has a timer that I can program for hours later and it can handle any kind of rice, grain or even beans (even though I’ve yet to try that). You can probably find both for less in an Asian market. And if I was going to shop all over again, I would’ve gotten the smaller model. My first neuro-fuzzy lasted more than 20 years!

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