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I know I’m serving up a good one in this post because it poses The Most Important Question Of The Day. The topic first surfaced for me last month during an appointment with my rolfer.

You all remember my rolfer, Cathy Allen. She is a bodyworking genius at digging into muscle knots and bringing elasticity back to flesh points that have turned into concrete.

Anyways, she had me on her massage table and suddenly asked a question:

“Do you find moments of joy in your everyday life?”


Actually, I knew just what she was talking about. She could feel it in my system. The proof was how knotted up I was. All the rushing that goes on throughout the day as I ping pong between work, housework, the bills, my kid, the dog, our cats.

The body doesn’t lie.

“Breathe,” Cathy suggested kindly. She could tell that when I’m really focused on a task, I hunker down over whatever it is I’m doing. The ability to breath in a soft and natural way disappears.

Ever since that August appointment with Cathy, I’ve been haunted by her question. It pops up in my head multiple times during the day and night. When it does, I make a point to breathe — and proceed with the business at hand with a little more ease.

Before I go, please allow me to share a bouquet from my yard.  Don’t ask me what this plant is called because I have no idea! But fall arrived on Saturday, Sept. 22, and will be with us until Dec. 20.

Even though everything is nearly dead already in my garden, these pretty things were still around. Seemed like a good idea to bring some of that beauty inside. A little bit of daily joy.

The seasons are transitioning and so am I.  :)


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  1. “My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky,
    So it was when I was young,
    So may it be when I grow old,
    Or let me die.”

    Moments of joy – a rainbow, an unexpected call from a loved one, the cat smiling at me, a poem that touches – its a long list and it happens daily.

  2. Post

    Oh my goodness, I am getting chills….so I just happened to pick a plant called Autumn Joy??? Thanks, MJ!

    And Denise, thanks for the confirmation. Autumn Joy — that’s the mantra going forward!

    Toby, how lovely. A list of your happy moments. It’s nice to know what makes you smile through the day.

    Hey everyone, please feel free to share your Autumn Joy in the comments section here!

    It’s 6:30 and I’m about to make dinner. You know what brought me joy today? Driving around in the car with my dog in the passenger seat, sitting with my kid and eating a bowl of buckwheat hemp cereal while she did her homework, drying a duvet cover on the deck railing to give it that wonderful outdoor smell, having my comic illustration teacher show me how to draw hair and choose gray markers, cooking fresh veggies from the farmers market, walking around Manhattan on a beautiful autumn day. And as an advocate of short sentences, it brings me great joy to write a really long sentence for a change!

  3. That’s not the longest sentence. I read one that was 8 lines long yesterday. Beautiful flowers and what a cute dog. I’m still wandering around Manhattan with you.

  4. Betty,
    In reading all of your posts and your history I think this is one thing you should have learned as a child. How to find joy in life. I just finished a book durring my two week vacation where the author sudgested an idea you may try. Like many people these days he uses a planner for his daily activities. He writes down his daily goals on the lefthand side. On the right habd side he uses in a diffrent way. one of the things he does is takes a yellow highlighter and draws a line in the mourning afternoon and evening.
    This is left to be filled with the things the unexpected things that come up in the day that bring you joy and wonders. Or he called it serendipity. If you don’t look for these things you won’t find them.
    We seek to control so much in our life but that can only but there is a great deal we don’t control. If you fail to recognize joy in your life all your goals are really for nothing aren’t they?

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