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Pssst, there’s a great yoga studio offering unlimited classes any time, anywhere you want….for just $18 a month. For further meditation, I’ve made you a video about this place… is the studio that has changed my life. This Santa Monica-based operation posts fresh classes almost daily, with more than 1,000 videos to chose from on its gorgeous, user-friendly website.

The options are exciting. YogaGlo has dozens of teachers who practice a variety of styles — from super-athletic to super-mellow (which is what I prefer). Want something for couples or pre-natal? These folks have those classes too. And considering how we’re all on-the-go, how wonderful that this studio offers classes that last five, 10 or 20 minutes — not an option available in a real life studio!

There are probably a million ways to do yoga with an online class. I’ve devised my own system using a laptop and a big bean bag. Here’s my how-to video on this easy technique, plus a quick tour of YogaGlo’s website:

For the link, click HERE

My favorite teacher is Felicia Tomasko, whose specialty is Yin-based yoga — deep, relaxing, restorative stretches that save my body from the wreckage caused by too many hours hunched over the computer.

She has a series of five-minute sessions that offer tremendous relief from pounding away at the keyboard. I can’t post them all since YogaGlo is not a free site. But here’s one that is available for sampling, a great little break called Loosen back Yoga.

If you want to give YogaGlo staffers a whirl, they offer a 15-day free trial. Signing up means that they’ll automatically bill your credit card for $18 every month. And in the interest of full disclosure, I just want you to know that I am not getting a commission for this post. I simply love the site and want to share it.  :)

Imagine….no more stress from dealing with packed classes, space-hogging fellow students with ugly feet, dirty floors, scheduling logistics.

I prefer viewing online yoga via laptop but my guess is that a desktop can work fine too. The only thing you really need is good wifi — or else the videos breakup or freeze.

P.S. — Special thanks and a hug to Jaimie Epstein who first told me about YogaGlo.Com. She’s a a transplanted New Yorker who now teaches  jivamukti yoga at om time in Boulder, Colo. We met years ago when I was teaching at Mediabistro. She did me the honor of taking one of my classes. During our time together, she enlightened me on vegan issues, yoga and more. xoxox


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    I’m proud to say that I made this YouTube video all by myself last night! Granted, the lighting isn’t great, so I hope you’ll bear with me as I rev up my production values. But looping the music on GarageBand, shooting the computer screen on QuickTime Player, editing in iMovie, loading to YouTube…I finally did it!

  2. Thank you so much!! What an interesting site – that would suit me perfectly as I would prefer the at home format. You did good with your YouTube video – looking forward to more!!

  3. Wow, what a great post! I have struggled with the exercise on the laptop conundrum in the past, I think I’ll give it another go now. Also, what an awesome website! I’ve been wanting to have my mom try yoga, but not sure what style, if the classes nearby will be gentle enough for her, etc. so I’m looking forward to exploring this site to find something that’s right for her. By the way, this is my first comment, though I’ve been reading your blog for close to a year now. It’s always a pleasure and I look forward to all your new posts.

  4. The Youtube video is cool! And YogaGlo sounds great. I think it is helpful and definitely not intimidating to have the sessions organized by different styles and lengths. This could change the yoga studio as it’s been known, for sure.

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    mamamiaheather, I still enjoy the live, in-person classes — as treats. YogaGlo has spoiled me. Hope you enjoy exploring your online practice! And thanks for the thumbs-up on the video. :)

    And Betsy, thanks you so much for leaving a comment. It’s truly THRILLING when readers introduce themselves. Bet you’ll have fun exploring the site both with and without your mom. It will be so decadent to click around sampling classes — and walking away if you’re not happy. No more feeling like you have to stay because you paid for the class and made a huge effort to get there!

    Skye, thanks for checking out the video and the encouragement! I’ve briefly looked at other yoga sites but this one is the most visually appealing and jazziest. Plus it has California cachet!

    All right. Gotta go to work now. Catch up with you tonight. Meantime, here is a video sent to me by my friend Viv. This kid’s homage to Beyonce inspired me to get off my butt and make this YouTube yoga video. We all have to start somewhere.

  6. This. Is. Awesome. And you are the bomb for doing it. And rockin’ the little black outfit, I might add. xoxo

  7. Betty,
    I will have to tell my dad. He can take advantage of it when the houseboat in in the dock at lake Powell. Unfortunatly, that is about the only place they have WiFi down there. I remeber in times past him finding a big rock and doing his yoga. He says it helps his back.
    As for a laptop mount, I would just make one out of some angle iron and some wheels. I made a mount for my truck that way. The whole thing would take about an hour, just cut four peices on the chop-saw and weld them together. Then you could jus tack some casters on it. voile! Let me know if you want me to make you one.

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    Aw, Viv. Thanks. :)

    And Brian, thanks for the offer to build me a stand but I’m good with the bean bag. I like it’s low-tech flexibility. We use it for sitting, as a pillow; cats like it too.

  9. Tech update Betty, Youtube can be accessed on some tvs, all the big video game consoles or some blu-ray players too so you can have the full screen treatment.

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