Wringing toothpaste from a tube

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Brushing my teeth a few minutes ago could’ve been annoying because there wasn’t much toothpaste left in the tube. Instead, I enjoyed dealing with the situation by taking out my…tube wringer. And, YouTube.

I need to get better at this video stuff because it’s such a great way to communicate. Making videos is also fun. I need to do more of them. The potential for self-expression via this medium is exciting. So expect more from me soon!

In some ways, the ability to present information as a talking visual story is even more intimate than blogging. But by embedding the video in this post, I’m getting the best of both worlds. :)

If you think I did a decent job, then you might want to visit the Apple Store One-to-One trainers to enhance your skills too. Those folks there taught me so much about tech! Here’s a link to my BettyMingLiu.com blog post about how to use One-to-One.

Now that my teeth are brushed, it’s time to get into bed, pull the covers over my head and get some sleep. xoxox


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    Gurrrrls! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that you dropped me a line here. Sometimes blogging is tricky because i’m never exactly sure what will appeal to people. So thanks for commenting!

    Cindy, high praise from you, considering your TV expertise. Viv, you’re such a tastemaker that your opinion counts too. Judy, always love making you laugh. And btw, your elementary school students might really enjoy crimping construction paper and other stuff. This gadget is irresistible. xoxox

  2. How cool to have you youtube-in-motion at home with me on a Sunday! There are so many funny and informative things to get from youtube. I had a self-absorbed driving instructor who chatted on his cell phone when we went for lessons, so my brother told me to look on youtube when I wanted to learn how to parellel park and I did! I’m feeling a bit rusty, so I think I will get back to thhose videos soon. You are a natural on camera, you sound like you’re talking to friends. I liked the music in the background too. Great way to remind me to reduce, reuse and recycle. Miss your smile! Have a great week.

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    Skye! And how nice for me to be with you in your home. YouTube really can be a step closer than simply sitting on the screen as a blog. The music is a loop that I found on GarageBand, a program that came with my MacBook.

    Thank you for the encouragement! I like watching YouTube. The only danger is that I can spend too much time on the site. Hope you have a wonderful week too. xo :)

  4. Have you try it on your hair to get that “crimp” look? Just kidding! So much fun watching you live and personal. Oh yes, I will smooth down the tube of toothpaste for that last squirt.

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    Haha! Thanks, Diana. If I do more videos, maybe I can do them more quickly. The connection it offers is calling to me. And btw, I’m using the wringer on a toothpaste tube right now. I’m up to my third brushing from a tube I would’ve tossed out. :)

  6. Betty: Great work! You have a future in TV. You could do infomercials! Well… maybe you shouldn’t do that – too much like selling your soul to the Devil. Still, there’s a lot of money to be made. My third cousin, Axelrod Pendrift (about whom we usually do not speak inasmuch as he went into “trade”) was an infomercial success for a while. He fell victim to a land swindle and purchased a vacant lot in Arizona, in a prosposed development that collapsed when the builder decamped withn the downpayments. Stuck with a half acre of useless sand and seeking a way to recoup his money, he suffered an inspriation. He packaged the top six inches of the lot in colorful boxes like laundry detergent and labeled them “Dirt, The Housewife’s Friend – you CAN’T clean without it!” He sold a million boxes via infomercial on late night TV. Unfortunately, his next idea – printing money on egg salad sandwiches so the rich would never go hungry – wasn’t so successful. He lost a pile on that one when the government decided to enforce its monopoly on the product – money that is, not sandwiches. Anyway – I think you clearly have a million dollar product right here in your video. Re-package that crimping tool as “Betty’s Corrugator.” “Folks, why spend your hard earned money on pre-made corrugated cardboard when for only a few cents per foot, you can make your own right in the comfort of you living room! Only $29,95 and if you call right now, we’ll double it! That’s right, you get TWO corrugators for the price of one. It’s fun for the whole family and that’s not all! The first hundred callers will receive your shipment in a genuine cardboard box that can be re-used as your first projects at no extra cost. That’s right – TWO corrugators AND a genuine cardboard box, all for the low, low price of $29,95. Shipping and handling extra.” You’ve got the video skills – fame and fortune await!

  7. Betty, I forgot to share the news with you. You were really supportive when my cousin passed away in the fall. Things have been an adjustment for the family, but her baby boy is doing well, he’s going on 21 months. Life is still hard for her husband, but he’s back at work, going through the motions. He had to return to grad school or he would get dropped from his program. He took a lot of time off. But our family welcomed a new baby, this would have been my cousin Suzanne’s first niece! She was born while you were away in Paris. This is the first child for my cousin, her older brother. He was quite emotional during his wife’s pregnancy and her baby shower. He misses his sister so much. But everyone has felt a lot of comfort at the birth of his daughter. He is so glad his daughter will grow up with her son. He’s really close with his nephew and brother-in-law. They’re all doing this together. The way it should be. I just wanted to share something good. Have to catch you up on all the other stuff soon. Novella e-mail coming soon…

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    Toby, your stories are always so insane! Thanks for sharing. And guess what — today I did a TV segment at work for our sister station. I was talking about a story that I’d done. Everyone said I actually looked pretty good. So I appreciate your encouragement.

    Skye, thanks for the family update. You must miss your cousin so much. How wonderful to have a new baby to cuddle. xo

  9. Gadgets are fun. At least you found yours! It seems whenever I wnat a tool I can’t find it. I don’t know why I ever bought a house without a decent garage! I mean It was really stupid! I had my 300ZX and my Jeep Truck when I moved in I just loved the house so much. i have been trying to get up the cash and time to build another garage. If I end up repossessing my sports car I will have two jeeps, a Z and my motorcycle. Plus there is the room I need for projects… Like a race car.
    As a man I am kind of a tool junky or gear-head, as they say in Alpine sports. I would have used a rolling pin on the toothpaste. I should buy another Apple computer, especially since my cousin works there and can get me 25% anything they sell. PC’s are like tinker-toys… not fully assembled. I make my own PC’s.
    I love U-tube. My latest fascination on U-tube was a girl who was building a Stock Racing Car out of an ’81 Camaro. There is a feature on yahoo Chat where you and a friend can watch a video together. Great fun!

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  10. Awesome video, Betty! Now I totally want one of those gadgets … already have a cheapy plastic one, like you said, but I think it’s only for toothpaste. You could sell sneakers to a mermaid :)

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      Thanks, Alice! Definitely worth investing in one of these things. And thanks also for the vote of confidence in my marketing skills. I hope to put that to good use selling some paintings or a book — some day. :)

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