Good pots can stir up some pretty decent life lessons

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Today’s post about kitchenware is actually about how good it feels to get what I really want. Remember my old frypan that I bought for myself as a young bride? The one with the broken handle that reminded me of my failed marriage? Well, here’s what happened to it….

When I initially blogged about my busted Farberware, the comments were swift and emotional. Most of you said to trash the sorry reminder of the past and let go. A few said I should fix it. One reader shared the link to the lifetime warranty information on the manufacturer’s website.

I listened to everyone! After the post, I drove over to Macy’s and discovered Belgique’s “Tools of the Trade” line. I took home the $44.99 12-inch, stainless steel “Everyday Pan” which features twin hand grips rather than the standard long handle that always takes up too much room in the kitchen cabinet. Also irresistible was a $29.99, two-quart, bell-shaped stock pot (which isn’t available on the website). They are good-looking and sturdy (like me, haha). I love using them.

As for the old frypan…earlier this year, a big box arrived in the mail. Inside was a free, brand-new, 12-inch Farberware frypan which retails in the $50 range! It weighs a a hefty five pounds+plus — at least two pounds more than the Belgique. While rather unwieldy, it still comes in handy during busy times at the stove.

Don't they look good on my stove? They make cooking such a pleasure.

What a profound resolution to my kitchenware drama. To think, I started with a broken pan and ended up learning a few lessons about honoring my own feelings — even in seemingly small matters. This is important because when I look back at the mistakes I’ve made in my life, they often stemmed from dismissing my personal reactions to people, places and things. Over time, those random dismissals hardened into denial that can take a lot of effort to straighten out.

So this weekend, when I switched over my closet to the spring stuff, I really thought about what items made me happy. The rest have been bagged and put in the basement for our summer garage sale. Another small step forward.

Of course, I could only get to this point with your advice — thank you, thank you! And that is the other lesson for me: If I can open my arms and ask for help, chances are there’s someone ready to give me a hug.   :)


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  1. I love that arrangement of new shiny pots! I’m a compulsive chrome polisher myself so I can relate!!

    I also agree wholeheartedly with the point about listening to your inner voice. When I don’t trust myself to follow my own intuition – that’s when I make mistakes. It’s all about finding out who you are and walking in your own footsteps and that takes an entire lifetime to learn.

    One bird at a time!

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    Bird by bird, that’s the spirit! Heather, at this stage of my life, I’ve gotta learn to live by my intuition. It was always there; I just didn’t trust it. Now or never.

    And thanks, Ivan!

  3. How strange I was also thinking about cookware the past few days. i just bought Expedition 2x camp stove. It came with the griddle but no Dutch Oven. After looking on Wikipedia i learned that cast iron cookware has been part of peoples wills. My next purchase is going to be a Dutch Oven and a Dutch Oven Cookbook.
    I just can’t decide on the size though. Any Ideas?

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    Brian, for me, cookware is a very personal decision! It’s like buying shoes. They have to feel right. I have a Dutch oven but hardly use it. I think size always depends on function. How many people do you cook for? If not many, I would go small.

    I have a few three iron fry pans, all from tag sales. They work great and make me feel like I’m “Little House on the Prairie.”

  5. Betty,
    Little house on the Prairie is close. I am mostly buying it for camping or outside on my BBQ. I found a 6 quart at Walmart But am unsure about it.aren’t the lids suppose to work upside down? The advantage of a dutch oven is they work like an oven when you don’t have an oven. I did come with a 5 page cook book. It says it’s pre-seasoned. Maybe I can use it next weekend.
    Do you do much barbeque?

  6. oops! that’s 55 page cookbook. I will be using my dutch oven for camping and outdoors BBQ. I broke down and bought a two burner camp-stove (which will double for Barbeque since my barbeque is dying) I can’t wait to try my grandmothers beans on it. My mom published a book of my grandmother’s recipes which i want to try.
    Do you do much barbequing?

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  7. I tried my Camp Chef two burner stove Saturday. My friends came over and watched me build a gas can/tire wrack for the back of my jeep. To reward their patience I cooked burgers and corn on the cob. That think heated the water faster than anything I have ever seen! I finished the tank and mounting tonight. I almost made the tire mount but had second thoughts ( I think I will put the spare or spares on the roof rack) I think I will make a tray that covers the gas cans (5 five gallon tanks) This way I can lock them in and have a readily available table..
    So do you ever go camping? Or have you ever been camping?

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