Google NYC has jobs, free meals and — men!

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My NYU journalism students and I are sitting right now in our last class for “Reporting Downtown.”

Yay! We’re done with homework.

Then again, boo – after bonding during the spring semester, our time together is almost over.


But we’ll go out in the world with some great memories. Everyone especially loved the field trips.

I used them to make the point that journalism is about life experience. To that end, it’s important to randomly wander around to discover….whatever.


One of our favorite adventures was visiting Google’s glamorous, growing East Coast headquarters at 111 Eight Ave. This 15-story, block-long industrial site is located just north of the Meatpacking District.



Last year, Google bought the entire building for $1.8 billion. It was the Big Apple’s biggest real estate deal of 2010, according to the New York Times. Look for Google’s presence to transform this neighborhood into a Manhattanized Silicon Alley.


And here’s a tip for

job hunters – the company already has 1,800 employees working there but will obviously be expanding.

(Google has job openings listed on its website.)


Top-quality tech corporations take care of their employees with perks. At Google, there’s free food available in multiple cafes and food stations scattered around the facility. There’s also a recreation room, free massages and a tech center where nice professionals will fix problems you have with your laptop, phones and other devices.



Our class went gaga over Google during a lunch time tour with my friend Jessica Chan (follow her on Twitter @jessinsf!). She works in the YouTube division as a compliance specialist. She treated us to lunch and we totally pigged out in the Hemisphere Cafe. All of Google’s in-house eateries here are run by Restaurant Associates.


This was the menu that day:


One of the interesting things about eating at Google is that the cafe was filled with men… Lots of engineers!

But maybe because they’re tech nerds, they didn’t seem to notice my all-female class. (Sorry, am I stereotyping?)

I even conducted an informal “man test” during dessert. The sweets counter was at the other end of the cafe. So I asked the class together through this big dining room to get their cookies and cake. Hmmm, barely any of the guys looked up.

Oh well. Still, we had fun! I am going to stop blogging now and let my class tell you more. Read the comments from some of them below:


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  1. This field trip was one of my favorite moments of the semester. You’re right–Google is definitely full of free food and attractive men! I learned how important corporate culture is and it helped me realize that I want to work somewhere where the employees are really valued. Maybe Google? A girl can dream!

    Here’s my post on the Google field trip:

    Thanks for a great semester, Betty!

  2. This was a great day and I loved the vegetarian options in the all free cafeteria! I’m just sad we didn’t see anyone riding around on the scooters they have everywhere. It was great to see a thriving business where everyone seemed so happy. We all assumed that Google must have some kind of secret, like that everyone gets tasty meals for no one can leave. But that didn’t seem to be the case! Read more about the food and fun on my blog:

  3. Betty, thanks for this field trip! I have to admit, after hearing about the famously delicious free meals at Google, I couldn’t wait to see (or taste) for myself. But what really stayed with me was being in such a friendly, relaxed and colorful work environment that wasn’t collapsing under the pressure of the financial market, but rather expanding despite it.

  4. What a wonderful way to capture what was perhaps our class’s most crucial, memorable bonding moment this semester — though there were many. From the first moment I stepped into Google’s brightly colored offices, I could feel that pervasive sense of “California cool.” And being a fellow Cali native, that really hit home with me <3 I especially loved the cherry milkshakes. So here's another taste of sweet, savory California for you!

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    thanks so much to jessica for making this field trip happen! i loved all the food at google. and very glad to share the experience with my class. or, i should say — my former class. congrats for surviving the semester and hope you all have a great summer. x0

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