Amy Chua talked and talked.

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  1. I will just say bullsh*t sells books. If you have an interesting title, it will sell. And I think the point of this book is to make money and to be able to say she is a published author. And why not write about parenting? It is what she know. (Or so she thinks.)

    Yes, we all want our children to succeed, but we must understand that each child is an individual. And with this being said, must be handle as such. I have four children and also guardianship of my nephew. I have had to learn to deal with each one of them as their own person. It has kept me on my toes. I have also develop a great respect for my parents. Especially for my mom, as she was the one who did the majority of the child-rearing.

    We live what we know, hence her daughters are. It’s just that they do not know that there’s really another side of life. Only what they’ve been told. I’m sure she’s used whatever tactics she can to keep the girls to herself and to get the results she wanted. And yes it appears to be working, but wait until the girls have grown up to see what the events of very little socialization will be.
    This woman will found out later on in life that her girls are not as happy as she thought. And even though they may not resent her right now, I can almost guarantee that, at least, one of the girls will. And when she does, let’s see if there a book written about that.

    Parenting is not a cookie cutter business and to think so is very dangerous. And for a parent to think you can use one technique to parent all of your children is lazy. Your kids deserve more effort than trying to squeeze all of them into one box.

    The Tiger Mom looks like she has it all – success, fame, and super children. But if she takes an honest look at herself, she’ll find that there something missing. Now what that is, she’ll have to figure it out herself. But it’s there, because no one’s perfect.

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