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  1. I am a Caucasian male married to a 1st gen mainland Chinese lady who read the “Tiger Mom” book when it was released. My background is that I was an “A” student because I liked to learn and knew instinctively that “A” = good responses from my parents. Also, I was allowed to play freely until dinner time because of the above, but, of course, I am no saint and got into trouble as most kids will. But this is not about me. In my main house, our children (girl/boy) have their own rooms, desks, computers, etc. Because we wanted them to attend the best schools available (K-12), we bought an additional condo in that district. While there, all homework and study was mandated to be done in the living area space. My wife’s objective was to oversee and correct homework so that a top grade was assured. Additionally, both play piano at least 1 hr per day and they are both on a competitive swim team and practice approximately 18-29 hours per week. So all day, every day, all year is consumed with just about every activity you can think of related to the items I’ve already mentioned, and, while I’m sure there is more, lets move on. As of this school year, we’ve moved back to the main house and my wife has installed two study stations in the game room so she can continue monitor all home studies. I find this behavior destructive and irrational as the children already have desks in their rooms. FYI – their rooms look typical for teenagers (clothes on floor I just washed, dishes everywhere, trash, etc.) My wife believes this is the right way to study and dismisses my comments entirely. I even attempted to show that this behavior will push them away and that comment instantly made me the problem. I am frustrated and just seeking to know if there are others out there in similar situations and what they did to resolve this issues. Respectfully …

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