Betty Ming Liu’s new oil paintings: photos!

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Sometimes, I don’t feel like expressing myself in words. Hey, even a blabbermouth like me can get tired of talking and writing. So thank goodness for oil painting.

In this post, I’d like to share some of my recent work — and invite you to my first group art show!

My canvasses serve up delicious, textural colors on 6-inch and 10-inch squares. The little ones are barely bigger than a BlackBerry cell phone. I hope this user-friendly scale makes the paintings more affordable and accessible for buyers (hint, hint).

Oooops, enough with the pitching. Here’s what I’ve got…

Let’s hear it for green and yellow. I think of these 6″x6″ lemons as “Tits and Ass:”

Pushing around paint and colors is very satisfying. Lately, I’ve warmed to pinks:

Then there’s the issue of composition. What a challenge it was to see this house as a series of geometric shapes:

I’ve submitted two pieces for my first show. It’s a student group exhibition hosted by our painting class. Hmmm? What’s that you’re asking? Yeah, of course we’re having an opening night reception. Wine-in-plastic-cup frivolities are de rigeur for art openings. Don’t worry, we’re real artists; we know how to drink and party!

These are my two pieces for this special event:

Sigh. I’ve got so much that I want to paint. Not sure why it’s important for me to make a visual, wordless impression on you all — but it’s what I crave.

Last Friday, this kiwi popped out of my brush.

After that, I started thinking about Spring, about connecting, about fresh starts. So last night, I impulsively uploaded a bunch of painting photos to my Facebook page.

Then, the unexpected happened. People started commenting and clicking on the ones they like. Intriguing way to get feedback.

To join in and view more of my paintings, click HERE. When you visit my page, you’ll see that I still vibe with orange. But it’s time to branch out.

Btw, if you’d like to attend the show at the Art Student League’s adorable suburban campus, it will be on view from March 5-18. Opening reception is March 11 from 5-7 p.m. I will personally be helping our fabulous teacher Karen O’Neil with hanging the paintings.

The address is 241 Kings Highway, Sparkill, N.Y., 10976 (t.845.359.1263). Here’s our flyer. And yup, that’s me in the center, looking seriously double-chinned:

Meantime, I’m home at my desk, editing student writing assignments and… daydreaming about getting beyond winter. Just me and the cats with a birds eye view of this:

Okaaaay….this post is now up to 423 words. For me, that’s barely writing.   ^_^

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  1. Your 423 words have turned into much more with the oil paintings. A picture is worth a thousand, right?
    I’m going to share these with my son, I know he would appreciate them.
    When did you start oil painting again? I’d like to know what made you think that would be a good fit for self-expression, being that you were probably already so comfortable with writing. When you write again, maybe you could share that.
    Personally, I like the kiwi. The colors are refreshing.
    Thanks for sharing this part of yourself. I wonder what other buried talents we could find in ourselves (and others) if we decided to try something new.
    *BTW, I watched My Dinner with Andre…I found myself on Gregory’s side sometimes, other times with Shawn. But I enjoyed that there are 2 sides to be on.

  2. Hey Betty, these are wonderful paintings. I like the two you chose for the opening, and also the peaked roof. Really like the textural quality of these. And of course, given my fondness for food images, the sushi painting on the linked page. Good to know they’re for sale, too…hope to make the opening.


  3. Post

    skye, thanks for sharing my work with your adorable little boy! the kiwi is my latest painting! i feel like i’m onto something with the simplicity of the subject matter and the colors. a few years ago, i took my first “intro to painting” class — and i was hooked. then 15 months ago, i signed up for a weekly painting class at the art student league’s suburban campus. (this is where the march 11 show will be held.) but between my mom dying last year and my teaching workload, my attendance was spotty.

    this year, though, i feel organized enough to take myself seriously. so i hope to paint every friday, all day. plus, the teacher has made me her monitor, which means I help set up easels, handle attendance, etc. in exchange for a “scholarship” that lets me attend classes for free. so i MUST be there every friday, every month — except for august. (and yeah, i’m a bossy monitor; i spend a lot of time shushing people to stop talking so that we can paint in silence.)

    as for “why painting….”

    to pursue painting now is about having life my way! i think it would have been my first choice over writing. but my immigrant dad forbid me from taking both art & english classes in college. writing became was the lesser of the two evils so i got away with that.

    and chuck, thank you the feedback. I appreciate your professional eye and personal friendship! (If you’re wondering who chuck is, here’s a post about his visit to my fall nyu class:

    i would love it if you — everyone! — came to the show. that would be fun. :)

  4. thanks for sharing! funny, i thought your scale picture was a mixed media piece – pretty cool. Love the blue painting for the exhibition. And is that a stuffed iguana in the workspace photo? this pic would make a nice submission to one of the great spaces or everyday studio flickr groups if you haven’t already posted.

  5. Post

    adriana, hahahaha….what fun that you think the scale shot is mixed media worthy! thanks, also, for liking the blue bowl painting. as for the iguana, it’s a plastic reject from my daughter’s toddler days. she didn’t want it anymore. i’ve never heard of “great spaces” or “everyday studio” — because i don’t use my flickr account — but i’m intrigued. will have to check them out now. thanks for the tip!

    p.s. to skye: glad you enjoyed “my dinner with andre.” such a sweet film. like you, i go back and forth between the two stars too. if the rest of you are wondering what we’re talking about, we’re referring to an earlier post where i mentioned in passing that wally shawn is one of my favorite actors.

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