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While I love having people over and feeding them, today was a first: my guests included a blogging couple. So we spent a good amount of time photographing the meal for our various blogs and chatting about Twitter. What made this even more remarkable for me was that everyone at the table was well over 50 years old!

That makes us freaks in a world where social media and blogging is the domain of the young.

Only 7.1 percent of all bloggers are over 51, according to a study by Sysomos, a social media consulting firm. But the number of 50-somethings who are tweeting and facebooking has doubled over the past year and keeps growing, according to a report by Pew Internet and American Life Project. My generation is getting more interested in this stuff all the time.

So say hello to my friends: Mary Duenwald, Susan Glauberman LaRosa and her husband, Paul LaRosa.

Here we are, enjoying Susan’s homemade cheesecake.

Up until now, I’ve only been drooling over her blog, “A cake bakes in Brooklyn.” After finally tasting one of her treats, I’m here to report that she’s an extraordinary baker.

Before we ate the cheesecake, Paul did his modern husbandly duties by taking shots of our delectable dessert for Susan to use on her blog. Paul’s a blogger too, who’s always trying out new Twitter toys and Facebook functions. You can check out his posts on Here is New York.

In the background is my MacBook laptop. During our meal, it streamed lovely Brazilian music from Have you tried this free online radio station? Type in a song title and it’ll automatically play a bunch of tunes for you from that genre.

If I realized that I was gonna blog about this, I would’ve taken some pictures of my food. I made vegetarian mu shu, beef and broccoli and, of course, my sesame noodles (click HERE for the recipe). Here is Paul’s shot of me inhaling that fabulous cake.

After a while, my boyfriend dropped by and we all hung out. As Paul noted, if it wasn’t for social media and the wonders of the Internet, we wouldn’t be here together today…

Years ago, Paul and I sat across from each other in the New York Daily News newsroom. We lost touch but found each other on Facebook. I got to know his wife through her blog. My BF and I met on

As for Mary, while we were all talking over tea, she opened a Twitter account. Who knows what will happen next…

Right now, we’re having fun online. Maybe it’ll keep us young and healthy longer.

P.S. — You can see more of Paul’s shots from our feast on my Facebook page. Click HERE.

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  1. betty,

    the meal and your house was fabu. and you may i add that you’re a great cook!! it was a treat in itself to watch betty maneuver her woks and pans like it was nobody’s business. a great day all around. thanks.


  2. Your blogs tend to open up my mind on things. They also make me hungry. It looks like you all had a very high-tech (but low-key) night.

  3. Post

    thanks, paul! it was such a treat to see you all. hey skye, you’re right. it was high tech yet very mellow. guess it means that we’re actually comfortable with online culture – and that we really enjoyed each other’s company/

    btw, did you notice that i mentioned BOYFRIEND? it became official a few weeks ago when i changed my facebook relationship status from “single” to “in a relationship.” within minutes, dozens of friends were commenting with congrats — and all kinds of cheery, random remarks. it was fun.

  4. Betty! Such a fun afternoon and your delicious food was the perfect prelude to cake. Plus, we had the added benefit of the floor show — watching you cook (a la minute), a graceful ballet that resulted in a very special meal. And thanks for posting the research; I love being part of the 7 percent minority. Which reminds me, I need to go blog.

  5. Post

    you’re welcome, susan. yeah, i was a little frantic trying to get the food out of the pan and onto the table. how nice of you to call it a “ballet.” my daughter is eating the last piece of cheesecake now. when and if you blog that recipe, i’ll be sure to link it on this post. xoxo.

  6. Betty – you and your blogging friends are awesome. It’s refreshing to have a “freak’s” perspective. I wonder what the culture/perspective of certain website (like yelp for example) would look like if it had more contributors – like my mom or grandparents. Unfortunately they are not as tech savy – but my mom is working on it. ;)

    Looks like a delicious meal. I just wrote a post on sesame noodles too. Looking forward to trying your recipe ;)

  7. Hi! Betty, did u wear Chinese style sleepwear in the photos? If yes, it looks like you put it into a fashion at your home! ^^

    Enjoy your love and hope to see you soon!

    1. Post

      you know, this is so embarrassing, shirley — but i’m actually wearing a cute little flowered cowboy shirt that i bought at target. had no idea what a baggy mess it was until i saw myself in paul’s photos! and i also have no idea what chinese-style sleepwear is….

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