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This is probably the shortest post I’ll ever write. And I have only one thing to say…

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    so i’m fooling around with other stuff on this website too. did you notice that there’s now a “most popular posts” listing in the column to your right?

    i’m also experimenting with the notion of being an “sales associate.” i will be shocked if i even make a dollar in commissions. but as long as i’m linking to amazon products anyway, why not try this?

    so if you click on of the links on my blog that go to an amazon-listed products, your shopping will make me rich. haha!

    to see what i’m talking about, just scroll down until you’re at the end of the column on the left. that’s my “favorite things” box. if you’re a blogger and you’d like to try being a sales associate too, here’s a link to get you started:

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    okay ivan, you’re right. i got rid of the spongebob picture. it really was pointless! stick to the brand, right? which is the single mom sitting home blogging with her cats. thank you for motivating me to upload this picture of me and our cat minty.

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