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Free workbook: What’s your next step?

If you’ve got decisions to make, your own words might offer the best advice. Your words are a source of power, insight and confidence for your badass self. My free, nine-page writing workbook can help you see yourself in a fresh, creative light. Even reading through the pages might spark new ideas. For sure, you can avoid the mistakes that wrecked me — until writing saved my life. 


Seeing the sights in Paris — with photos

betty ming liu Travel 12 Comments

Vacationing in Paris with my daughter Gabi and her godmother — my childhood pal Judy — was a once-in-a-lifetime bonding adventure. So marvelous and memorable. In a million ways, I’ve been transformed. This was a first visit to the City of Lights for both of them. While I’d been to Paris twice in my un-evolved youth, doing this girlie vaca …

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Taking your daughter on vacation

betty ming liu Travel 14 Comments

PARIS, France — Boo-hoo! We’re about to head for the airport and home. I have tons of photos to share…later. Right now, there’s time for just one special picture that says volumes about our mother-daughter getaway vacation. I left New York feeling like this trip would be a time to do some important personal reflection. After all, both of my …

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3 ways I’m learning to be a smart traveller

betty ming liu Money, Travel 37 Comments

PARIS, France — Ugh, I was just pickpocketed! Want to hear even more distressing information? On the Air France flight from New York to Paris, I managed to lose my iPhone, driver’s license, American Express card and my socks. I’ve decided to include all the bad news in one post because my daughter Gabi says breaking up the presentation into …

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How to eat in Paris for $38 a day

betty ming liu Food, Money, Travel 18 Comments

PARIS, FRANCE — It’s Day #2 of our vacation and we’re getting the hang of walking everywhere and using the Metro as our subway. Of course, we need the exercise because we are eating, eating, eating… We had a delightful first night snoring in the comfy beds of the two-bedroom, $327-a-night rental apartment that we found through My daughter …

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Come with me to Paris!

betty ming liu Art, Writing how-to's 20 Comments

At last, my daughter Gabi and I are at JFK,  waiting to board our 9:55 p.m. flight to Paris. The entire day was a mad blur of finishing stories for work, squashing everything into my carry-on luggage, straightening up the house and getting the animals ready for the pet sitter (needed to organize their food and take the stinky dog …

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10 tips for a trip to Paris

betty ming liu Inspiration, Money, Travel 39 Comments

Two weeks from now, I will be in Paris. YAY! YAY! YAY! The 10-day trip is a special gift to my daughter Gabi. Kind of a mother-daughter rite of passage. Joining us will be her Aunt Judy, who is my best friend from childhood; we’ve known each other since we were 7th graders growing up in Chinatown. Since we’ve never …

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