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Free workbook: What’s your next step?

If you’ve got decisions to make, your own words might offer the best advice. Your words are a source of power, insight and confidence for your badass self. My free, nine-page writing workbook can help you see yourself in a fresh, creative light. Even reading through the pages might spark new ideas. For sure, you can avoid the mistakes that wrecked me — until writing saved my life. 


My kid gets to model again in Seventeen magazine

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My daughter got into Seventeen magazine for a second time! In addition to the great photo shoot, Gabi has learned some essential life skills. Yay — at age 16, she’s becoming more entrepreneurial. As you might know, Seventeen uses readers as models. Ooooh, dangling a wholesome peek into every girlie-girl’s favorite fantasy is such a brilliant way to build brand loyalty. …

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Missing mom

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Today is the second anniversary of Mom’s death. Even though she was an impossible diva for most of her 92 years, she came around in the end. During her very last days, she was even remarkably loving. And because she changed, I truly miss her. I will always be glad that Mom died while holding hands with my daughter and …

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Where to go for a fun night on Broadway — with photos

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Want to know how crazy expensive New York City can get? I recently treated two teenagers to a fun, $462 night on the town. And it was glorious to get out of my budgeting head to just throw some money around. It made me feel like a cool mom (for a change). This was the Jan. 6 itinerary for my …

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What my daughter thinks of me

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What’s your mom like? My daughter answers that question today as our guest blogger. Taken together, her photo essay and artist’s statement create an honest, profound reflection — which is a nice way to say that I don’t come off too good…. We’ll start with a self-portrait of the photographer. Gabi snapped it over the winter, when she was still …

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