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Free workbook: What’s your next step?

If you’ve got decisions to make, your own words might offer the best advice. Your words are a source of power, insight and confidence for your badass self. My free, nine-page writing workbook can help you see yourself in a fresh, creative light. Even reading through the pages might spark new ideas. For sure, you can avoid the mistakes that wrecked me — until writing saved my life. 


5 interviewing tips that work in journalism and real life

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My parents raised me to be polite and nice. That meant keeping my mouth shut. I guess my decision to become a journalist was a form of revenge. After all, this is a job that allows me to ask lots of nosy questions and be direct. But the more I work, the more I realize that it’s NOT about the …

Top 10 basic interviewing tips for journalists

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The ability to conduct a great interview is more than a journalistic triumph. Sure, it’s a skill that gets me great stories. But along the way, it’s become a critical life skill that helps me in everything from partying hearty to landing jobs. Looking back to my rookie days, I made the newbie reporter’s obnoxious mistake of marching up to …