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Free workbook: What’s your next step?

If you’ve got decisions to make, your own words might offer the best advice. Your words are a source of power, insight and confidence for your badass self. My free, nine-page writing workbook can help you see yourself in a fresh, creative light. Even reading through the pages might spark new ideas. For sure, you can avoid the mistakes that wrecked me — until writing saved my life. 


Making room for change, Part 2 — with more photos

betty ming liu Art, Inspiration, Money 15 Comments

Wow, reorganizing the crap in my house got done just in time.  This is my first week on the new job and honey, work has been insane! But I am holding it together because at the end of every day, I am collapsing in a home that has a sense of order. Now the question is….can I balance work and …

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Making room for change

betty ming liu Inspiration, Money 28 Comments

My fellow grasshoppers, I have seen the light: If I really want the new me, then there must be room for the new me. And that means getting serious about cleaning my house. It’s taken two dreadful days to get my home work spaces in order. But now, I have a beautifully functional desk setup. And the spare room where …

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How to live the life you want

betty ming liu Art, Inspiration, Relationships 37 Comments

Right now, the economy is so bad that it’s tempting to give in to fear. I could easily sit home worrying about finding work and protecting my investments. But there’s really only one option: I have to celebrate my life. My whole outlook has changed because of a month-long online class called “Blast Off.” I took it in June with art …

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Developing my artistic self

betty ming liu Art, Inspiration 25 Comments

When I was a little kid in grade school, the teachers used to tell my Chinese immigrant parents, “Betty is such an artist!” Of course, this comment made Mom and Dad very unhappy. What they wanted to hear was: “Betty is such a medical doctor!” So the idea of pursuing art didn’t surface until recently. It was only two years …

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