Some people are social drinkers. I’m a social eater. When I’m out with friends, I’ll scarf down anything and everything. But at home, it’s a different story.

As much as possible, I try to stick close to nature by cooking fresh, locally-grown seasonal goodies. Meat is used sparingly. The emphasis is on veggies, grains, nuts, seeds, limited fruit and some seafood.

My regimen is also low-carb, gluten-free, wheat-free, sugar-free & dairy-free. I started this lifestyle in the ’90s, when people thought I was a freak for avoiding wheat and sugar. Now, decades later, I’m enjoying exceptionally good health for my age. (Turning 60 in ’16…where did the time go?)

Most of what I know comes from classical, Chinese herbal medicine and a mashup of Western and other holistic concepts. I studied briefly with the legendary Chinese medicine master Jeffrey Yuen, who continues to inspire me as a friend. I also learned a lot while serving on the New York State Acupuncture Board.

So, welcome to my food world! Below is a itemized breakout of what you’ll find on this blog.





Cooking classes that I’ve taken




More experiences 


You can also find me online in other places

  • — This site is an imperfect resource because people say whatever they want, sometimes irresponsibly. But I still Yelp to find restaurants. I also post my own Yelp reviews. My motto: “Taste buds on a budget.” 
  • Instagram  — My go-to spot for posting about: “Plates, places, peeps & pets.”
  • Pinterest — I maintain boards for pinning food porn photos, gluten-free and vegan recipes, holistic health and more.


By the way, my favorite “cookbook” isn’t a cookbook at all. Between Heaven and Earth is the clearest and most inspiring book I’ve ever read about acupuncture, herbs and the It’s actually a fascinating recipe for life and understanding the human body. Five Element Theory of Chinese medicine. As part of their presentation, the authors grapple with “you-are-what-you-eat-issues” in a powerful way. And yes, theories here form the core of my approach to maintaining good health.


And finally, click HERE to see some of my art. I like painting pictures of food.


 Well, that’s it for the food tour. Hope you’ll click around the rest of my website. Ciao for now! Or maybe I should say, “Chow!” xo

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