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Free workbook: What’s your next step?

If you’ve got decisions to make, your own words might offer the best advice. Your words are a source of power, insight and confidence for your badass self. My free, nine-page writing workbook can help you see yourself in a fresh, creative light. Even reading through the pages might spark new ideas. For sure, you can avoid the mistakes that wrecked me — until writing saved my life. 


Visiting India: I’m here to Eat Play Shop

betty ming liu Travel 10 Comments

CHENNAI, INDIA — For the next three weeks, my daughter and I will be traveling around southern Indian with New York friends who have gone “back home” to visit with family. As you can imagine, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to see this country through the eyes of people who really love it. And so far, it’s been …

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