So…about me. How much time do you have? Haha. Below are four different versions of my bio, depending on how much you want to read. Please feel free to share any of these bios when and if my name ever comes up.


Here’s the concise, one-sentence bio:

Betty Ming Liu is a journalist and professor who happily shares what she knows about writing, food and art on http://BettyMingLiu.com, a blog that celebrates her recovery as the daughter of controlling Chinese immigrant parents.


Short bio:

Betty Ming Liu is an NYU journalism professor who shares about writing, food, art and the immigrant experience on her blog, http://BettyMingLiu.com. She calls herself the American-born, recovering daughter of Chinese immigrant parents. A divorced working mom who grew up in Manhattan’s Chinatown, she now lives in Westchester County, N.Y.


Medium bio:

Betty Ming Liu is a journalism professor with a blog that offers writing and journalism how-to guidance. She also writes about her experiences with food and art in hopes that readers will enjoy both more.

Most importantly, blogs about her recovery as the daughter of Chinese immigrant parents to encourage others to join her in re-evaluating their own childhoods, assessing the damage and then self-nurturing to get the lives they want.

A former nationally-syndicated New York Daily News columnist on diversity issues, Betty currently teaches journalism at NYU, creative non-fiction at The New School and speech communications at Westchester Community College. She is a divorced mom living in Westchester County, N.Y. Visit her blog at http://BettyMingLiu.com.


Long-ish bio:

Betty Ming Liu is a journalist and NYU adjunct professor who blogs about life as the recovering daughter of Chinese immigrant parents. In addition to being a divorced mom, painter and pet lady, she is a former nationally syndicated New York Daily News columnist. She also worked for Newsday/News12 as a digital reporter.

Her blog readership includes parents and adult children who fondly recall the uproar caused by her 2011 rant about the horrors of tiger parenting: Parents like Amy Chua are the reason Asian Americans like me are in therapy.

Betty was born in New Jersey and raised in New York City’s Chinatown, where she served many years on the board of the Museum of Chinese in America. She is also a former trustee of the New York state acupuncture board.

She loves working with students of all ages — from seven to 74! Betty is an award-winning NYU adjunct who currently teaches food writing to undergraduate journalism majors. Separately, she teaches online creative non-fiction and personal essay writing classes at The New School, which are open to anyone and everyone. Betty has also taught at Westchester Community College, Sarah Lawrence College, St. John’s University, Baruch College and Mediabistro.

On the home front: Betty has a daughter in college and lives in Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.  with her significant other, a dog and two cats. Visit her at http://BettyMingLiu.com.

Check out her full resume on LinkedIn.com. 





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